Contractor Tonneau cover

The Ultimate Truck Bed Cover for Contractors

When your truck is more of a workhorse than a getaway vehicle, you can’t afford to skimp on a knockoff truck bed cover. In fact, as a contractor, you need the ultimate truck bed cover that can stand up to daily wear and tear. The Renegade is a tried and true truck bed cover for contractors, standing the test of time and plenty of abuse.

Tools of the Trade

They say only a poor craftsman blames his tools…but we all know having the right tools at the right time makes or breaks your schedule. Without a secure truck bed cover though, your tools may end up in the wrong hands. Let Renegade protect your future, starting today. After all, it’s not just a matter of replacing what’s stolen, your livelihood is at stake! 

Contractor Tonneau cover
Extra Storage inside the truck bed with a load on top the Renegade Bed Cover

Storing your tools under a Renegade truck bed cover doesn’t just protect them from sticky fingers. It’s a solution for both everyday and extreme weather conditions. Whether you’re getting hammered by hail or screwed by a muddy road, you can be confident that whatever you store or transport will be kept clean and dry.


As a contractor, the ultimate truck bed cover isn’t just going to protect tools underneath it. You also need a professional-grade top, designed to be used and abused by all kinds of building materials. 

Heavy Duty Tonneau Cover
Pallet of Wire on Renegade Cover
Chevy Tonneau Cover
Trifold Design; 6 inches tall when folded

With a convenient trifold feature, that folds up without blocking the view out your back window, Renegade’s truck bed cover provides a smooth runway for even the roughest plywood. 

Plus, if you pair it with Renegade Headache/Stop Racks, you’ll be sure your load stays where it belongs. No need to lumber along; you can get back to the worksite faster, without losing anything along the way.

Scope of Work

Whether you’re more concerned with being a stud or the sharpest tool in the shed, Renegade’s got your back. Both a good-looking and wise investment, our truck bed covers are perfect for even the infrequent needs of a contractor. 

You might have doubts about easily opening up your truck bed to haul appliances, or if you can really throw a heavy pallet of stone on top of it. Just check out the specs; Renegade makes sure you can take on any challenge, leaving the competition in the dust. 

Finish the Job

Despite its rugged nature, Renegade’s truck bed cover is also low profile, maximizing your premium truck bed space. And you don’t even need to drill into your truck to install it. 

Heavy Duty Weight Bearing Truck Bed Cover
Weight Bearing Cover, up to 2000 lbs!
Contractor Truck Bed Cover
Building Materials on Renegade Cover

No need for a change order. The ultimate truck bed cover for contractors is here. Don’t be the low man on the ladder; invest in a truck bed cover that works for you. 

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