The Best Aluminum Locking Bed Cover in 2021

Aluminum Locking Tonneau Cover

Tonneau truck bed covers are essential for truck owners because they help keep your belongings protected and secured. While your truck may have storage space in the bed, it can be a particularly vulnerable spot since it is prone to risks like theft and weather damage. A truck bed cover is a perfect solution if you want to make sure your personal property stays protected.

There many truck bed cover styles to choose from, so it’s good to do some recon. While all tonneau covers offer good protection from external conditions, a hardcover can provide more security than others. The sturdy and heavy-duty material of a hardcover comes with many additional advantages that can give you more peace of mind.

Locking Tonneau Cover to Seal and Secure the Bed

An aluminum locking tonneau cover can provide you with maximum security, durable construction, and weather protection. The aluminum construction is highly durable and built to last, designed to stand against tough conditions and not crack easily. The locking mechanism gives you added security to ensure that your belongings are not exposed while you are on the road.

aluminum locking truck bed cover

If you want to make the most out of your truck and use it for more than just daily use, a locking tonneau cover is a perfect option. It provides adequate structural support and protection, giving you the confidence to go on outdoor adventures, weekend trips, and virtually anywhere with your truck.

Renegade Covers Can Give You Everything You Need in a Truck Cover

Renegade Covers are designed to have all the features and specifications you need in a truck bed cover. It is a highly-modular, heavy-duty tonneau cover that can carry up to 2,000 lbs of load, giving you tons of flexibility in terms of applications. Its unique and sleek tri-fold design gives you easy access to your gear, and with its construction, you can be assured that the cover can resist water, dust, and mud.

Furthermore, the Renegade tonneau cover has an aluminum locking function that gives an added level of protection. It features a keyless entry mechanism, so all you have to do is lock the tailgate. With this, you can keep your belongings out of sight while still making use of your large available truck bed. Truly, securing your truck has never been easier. With a high-quality and reliable truck cover, you can use your vehicle for many applications without worrying about your belongings!

Shop for Renegade Covers Today

Renegade Covers provide truck owners with the perfect solution for their everyday needs. Whether you drive your vehicle for daily tasks or go on camping trips, the tonneau cover is sure to come in handy at all times. Order your Renegade Cover today to get a trusted and reliable cover to keep your things protected from theft and harsh weather conditions.

Load Bearing Truck Bed Cover

Having a truck can be useful for many reasons, but one of the most significant advantages of pickup trucks is to carry heavy equipment and large cargo. You can easily fit many smaller items in the free space inside the truck bed, but extra-large items can be easier to store on top of the truck bed rather than inside. Unleash the potential of your pickup truck with a Renegade load-bearing truck bed cover.

Renegade Covers Are Load-Bearing Up To 2,000 Lbs

Renegade Covers can carry a weight of up to 2,000 lbs, giving you much flexibility and freedom in fitting different types of cargo. With such a high load-bearing capacity, you can use your renegade load-bearing truck bed cover for versatile applications. You can use your truck for general use with minimal loads, but also use it for heavier cargo in case you plan a road trip across the country. The renegade is a perfect ATV Tonneau Cover.

This Heavy Duty Hard Tonneau Cover Will Get The Job Done

With a heavy-duty hard tonneau cover, you can say goodbye to any of your worries. Aside from its high load-bearing capacity, it provides the structural support needed to keep your cargo in place while your truck is moving. Being heavy-duty, these cover designs are built to be extremely strong and durable, so you can be assured that they will last a long time.

The Renegade Cover design is perfect for any truck owner’s needs as it guarantees that any job can get done. Whether you enjoy driving your truck for daily needs or habitually plan weekend and outdoor trips for some adventure, this tonneau truck cover can give you everything you need to ensure a smooth trip.

A Truck Top That Is Made For Extreme Conditions

Having a truck bed cover that is designed to stand against extreme weather conditions to keep your belongings protected at all times is crucial. Make the most out of your pick up by using a reliable and strong truck bed cover that can resist snow, mud, rain, wind, and dust. Whether you’re on a hunting trip across the country or a weekend getaway to the beach, you can trust the Renegade Tonneau Cover designed to keep your gear dry and safe in all situations.

Water Proof Truck Bed Cover

Order Your Truck Bed Cover Today

No matter what you intend to do with your truck, you will certainly benefit from having a truck bed cover to secure your possessions above and inside your truck bed. Order yours today to make the most out of your pickup.

Renegade Truck Bed Cover Review

It’s hard to decide what tonneau cover to pick for your truck, so here is a Renegade Truck Bed Cover review to help you decide. There are a lot of truck bed covers on the market. If you are looking for the ultimate heavy-duty truck bed cover, you should consider the Renegade truck bed cover. Below is a customer’s review of the product where he shares the pros and the cons after using the cover for 4 months. Watch the video review if you do not see it displayed below.


The Renegade Truck Bed Cover has multiple benefits.

  • Weight Bearing up to 2,000 lbs
  • Heavy-Duty Aluminum Trifold Design
  • Weather Tight
  • Diamond Plated Aluminum Construction
  • Powder Coated
  • Polyurethane coating (Line X or Rhino Lining type material)
  • Keyless Locking; simply lock the tailgate and your gear is safe
  • A long list of compatible truck bed accessories

Cons of the Renegade Cover.

  • It weighs 120 -165 lbs, however, it is easy to remove with two people requiring no tools. This can be negative in some situations when you need to remove the cover by yourself.
  • The Torsion Bar is required to open the cover from both sides. This will set you back an additional $195. This accessory is pretty critical, so if you plan to purchase the cover, be sure to budget appropriately.
  • Installation time takes up to 4 hours. A person who is a do-it-yourself type will be able to install it in about 2 hours. It is best to install with two people.

How Much Does the Renegade Cover Cost?

The cost of the Renegade tonneau cover ranges from $2,399-$2,799 depending on the size of the truck. The Renegade cover is an all-around top-performing cover. Find the price for your truck’s make and model.

ATV Tonneau Cover

Load an ATV on your Tonneau Cover

So you want to haul an ATV on your Tonneau cover. Most Tonneau covers can NOT haul an ATV. Generally, a full-sized truck with a long bed is forced to carry an ATV or a smaller UTV in the truck bed. Compact trucks can usually only carry youth sized ATVs. Having the truck bed full limits the capability to store the needed ATV gear and accessories.

There is only one heavy-duty truck cover that CAN haul an ATV, and that’s the Renegade Bed Cover. It has a sleek and durable tri-fold design that can fold up and be removed completely within seconds, and can secure motorcycles, ATVs, UTVs, and more. So how exactly does it work?

F-150 on a dirt road hauling a ATV on a Renegade truck bed cover with mountains

What to know before loading an ATV on your Tonneau Bed Cover

First, you want to start by making sure that your bed cover can handle the heavy payload of an ATV. The Renegade cover can haul up to 2,000 lbs, and the average weight of an all-terrain vehicle is 500 lbs.

Second, determine the ATV’s dimensions to see if the truck bed can carry it. Even though you may be able to fit a bigger ATV on top of your truck bed cover with the tailgate down, you have to be careful that you are not putting too much weight on the tailgate. You could risk breaking the cables, which may damage the tailgate and truck bed cover.

How to load an ATV on top of a Tonneau Cover?

Below are the steps to correctly and safely load an ATV on top of the truck bed cover.

Note: (Renegade Covers does not take any legal responsibility for any damage done to ATV, Truck, or Cover if loaded incorrectly)

1. Make sure the Renegade Tonneau Cover is in the locked position.

2. Attach a winch to the cab section of the cover, or use the winch that is attached to the ATV.

3. It is recommended to have the headache racks in place.

4. Open the tailgate. This step is very important as many of the newer tailgate designs are not flush with the cover. If you do not open the tailgate before attaching the ramps you may damage your tailgate.

5. Attach the ramps to the bed cover. Line each ramp up on the bed cover with the ATV’s wheels. Make sure the ramp is securely attached to keep it from falling off when loading.

You can find a plethora of ramps on the market. Be sure to pick a good set from a reputable company designed to take the amount of weight you are applying.

6. Attach the winch cable to the ATV or cover, and pull the ATV on top of the cover.

7. Now that the ATV is on the Tonneau Cover, attach the quick release tiedown rings and then strap it onto the cover. Renegade Tonneau Covers recommend using Shock Straps. These straps will not lose tension while in transit, and they are heavy-duty enough to give you peace of mind that the payload will not move.


Before loading an ATV on top of your tonneau cover, you need to consider several factors, including the ATV’s dimension and the truck bed cover’s strength. Be sure to religiously follow the proper steps when loading the ATV onto the truck bed to ensure safety and avoid damages on both the truck bed and ATV.

ATV on a Tonneau Cover

Best Truck Bed Cover a Beginner’s Guide.

Truck bed covers are an excellent way for truck owners to shield the inside of their truck bed while maintaining easy access to it. Of course, it highly depends on the truck owners’ tastes and needs. This article guides you through what you need to know before purchasing a truck bed cover for your truck.

Hard top truck bed cover with multiple tiedown points

Why You Need a Truck Bed Cover

Still not sure whether to buy a truck bed cover or not? Here are three essential reasons why truck owners should get one:

  • Protect your valuables from the environment: When the truck bed is left exposed to the environment, anything you put in it might be dirtied or damaged due to snow, rain, and dirt. Tonneau covers help keep these elements out. Also, they help keep the items inside safe and secure from malicious individuals. Without covers, people can easily walk up and grab small items. When looking to buy a bed cover, be sure to get an idea of the weatherproofing used. This includes looking at the seals, material used, and reviews.
  • Retain the truck bed’s full versatility: One key benefit of an open truck bed is its versatility in hauling big items. However, some versatility is lost with conventional camper shells, particularly for items that rise above the cab. That is when a bed cover might be a better option.
  • Fuel-efficient: While the best truck bed cover will not transform the truck into a hybrid, it can increase fuel economy. The aerodynamics of a truck is impacted by an open bed. This is because the wind is hitting the tailgate causing wind drag. A tonneau cover will help wind pass along the top of the bed more smoothly, this allows the truck to work less and consequently use less fuel in the process. Renegade customers report up to 13% better fuel economy while using their Tonneau Cover.

What Features To Look For When Selecting a Truck Bed Cover

Before buying a truck bed cover, you should consider the following key features:

  • Protection: The primary reason to purchase any truck bed covers is to protect valuable tools and gear from the weather and thieves. The cover should seal the sides and corners. Some high-end covers come with a drainage system that can direct water away from the truck bed.
  • Security lock: You should choose a bed cover that has an excellent security mechanism. There are many options are the market, soft roll tops, hard roll tops, retractable, clamshell, and trifold design. Read more about aluminum locking tonneau cover options.
  • Durability: Apart from choosing a hard or soft cover, the material it’s made of is crucial when determining its overall longevity and durability. Hardcovers give more rigidity, whereas soft covers offer more flexibility. Regardless of the type of material, the covers’ exterior should also be strong enough to withstand elements like UV radiation, snow, rain, and small scratches or impacts.
  • Stow Away Method: Most hardcovers have a retracting mechanism to allow access to the truck bed. Two common forms are folding and retractable. The most common is a trifold design.
  • Accessories: Most truck bed covers are limited with accessory compatibility. The Renegade cover has multiple accessories such as racks, hooks, headache stops, RipTide pressurized water system, and more.
  • Price: Truck bed cover prices vary from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars depending on the design and brand of the cover.

The perfect bed cover is different for each truck owner. You must first identify primary goals for your bed cover; durability vs flexibility, secure belongings in the truck bed, if accessories are desired, and finally what the budget allows.

What Are The Applications?

Truck bed covers are simple to use and offer weather protection and security that keep cargo in the bed safe.

The applicable use of a bed cover is determined by the cover’s design. A soft tonneau cover keeps items in the truck bed from being vulnerable to weather and dirt, and from being seen by thieves. These work great for camping, and everyday use. Hard covers are durable so they can hold construction materials, a person standing on top, and even atv’s or snowmobiles. These covers are compatible with accessories and are great for off-road adventures, overlanding, and construction.

Whatever hobby you do with your truck, there’s a perfect truck bed cover to match. For help determining what type of bed cover you should purchase, contact Renegade Bed Covers.

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