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The Renegade Cover is a highly modular, heavy-duty tonneau cover
that pairs perfectly with your truck and your favorite activities. It’s
constructed with Military-Grade aluminum, so it’s strong and durable
enough hold 2,000 lbs. This cover is top in class for security and


Renegade Bed Covers is a highly modular, heavy-duty tonneau cover for your truck with top in class for security and functionality. 

  • All Renegade tonneau covers boast a weight-bearing capacity of up to 2,000 pounds. Yes, you are reading that correctly haul up to 1 ton on top of this truck bed cover. Recapture the real estate on top of the truck bed with multiple tiedown points, Renegade hooks, or create the perfect Overlanding setup using the Renegade rack system.   
  • Featuring a sleek trifold design that allows access to your gear for your next adventure. This hard folding truck cover is built right here in the USA. Renegade is built to last, a weather-tight cover that is resistant to water, dust, and mud. Store your valuables with confidence in any tough climate. 
  • An aluminum locking cover with keyless entry. Simply lock the tailgate and your equipment is safe, dry, and secure. Keep it out of sight while creating the safest storage space on your truck. 

The cover comes with 4 Quick Release tie-downs.

Additional information


Chevy, GMC, Ford, Ram, Toyota, Jeep


1500, 2500, 3500, F-150, F-250, F-350, Tacoma, Tundra, Gladiator


2010-2020, 2010-2019, 2020+, 2018-2020

Bed Length

5'6", 6'6", 6'8", 8'


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Know Before You Order

  1. The truck tonneau cover is weight-bearing up to 2,000 pounds distributed load—YOUR TRUCK BED RAILS MAY NOT BE ABLE TO SUPPORT THIS LOAD! (This depends on the year, make, and model of your truck.) You are responsible for any damage to your truck and surroundings that may occur as a result of the load or how the load is secured.
  2. Heavy loads placed on the tail section of the cover can cause the tail of the cover to deflect downward and if substantial, the deflection will prevent the truck tailgate from opening and closing with the load on top. This can be prevented by installing the cover more towards the cab of the truck so the tail section partially covers the tailgate. If the later is done, water will have access to the truck bed through the edge of the tailgate
  3. Some trucks are constructed so that exposed stake holes in the bed rails will allow water to enter the truck bed. This is because the cover does not cover the stake holes.
  4. Please let us know if you plan to place loads of 800 pounds or more on the cover. In some cases, such as using a winch, additional hardware will be required to react to the higher forces of heavier loads.
  5. Plastic bed liners (the insertable type) interfere with the installation hardware and must be removed prior to installation. The inside walls of the bed must be clear of any extra hardware, plugs, or attachments. In many cases, we can come up with a solution for your truck bed so feel free to call us.
  6. Our Slide Latches secure the cover to your truck and have three positions to select. The Locked position secures all panels of the cover to the Slide Latches. The Tail Open position releases the tail and mid panels allowing folding of the cover to stack on the cab panel. The Cab Open position releases the cab panel so it can be folded open to the mid panel. The tail and mid panels remained locked while the latches are in the Cab Open position.
  7. To remove the tonneau cover from the truck bed, first slide the latches to the Tail Open position. Fold open the tail panel to the mid panel and fold both of them on top of the cab panel. Next slide the latches to the Cab Open position and the stacked cover can be lifted off (two people are required).
  8. IMPORTANT: Do not close a panel onto a latch location that is in the locked position. Damage to the latch may occur.
  9. Do not drive with panels open unless the open panels are secured to the cover L-Track Bull Ring tie-downs with Bungee cords or straps.
  10. An optional Torsion bar can be purchased that allows the operation of one side Slide Latch and the other side Slide Latch will move in sync. This allows operation of both the Slide Latches from one side of the tail gate.
  11. Patented Product

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Renegade Covers
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John Clark
John Clark
01:07 06 Feb 21
Best bed cover I have ever owned. Great versatility with the modular design.
Kyle Shupe
Kyle Shupe
23:10 05 Feb 21
I’ve had my cover for over a year now and have loved it. Great cover for a personal/work truck cover. Great water... tight seal and very durable!! Love the versatility of the tie more
New Tab Marketing
New Tab Marketing
02:45 31 Dec 20
Hands down the best Truck Tonneau Cover! We use this for our company truck. It is great to haul gear underneath and... keep dry and secure. We had a film shoot where it required us to haul an ATV on the tonneau cover. Make sure to get the torsion bar so you can open the rails from both sides of the more
Myles Ozo
Myles Ozo
02:42 31 Dec 20
I do not own a renegade cover but I see it daily in use by my friend. He has high marks! I am saving for my truck and I... will for sure be buying this heavy tonneau more
Uintah Precision
Uintah Precision
02:38 31 Dec 20
This is one heavy duty tonneau cover! We really like the design and build quality.
Natalie Sessions
Natalie Sessions
20:01 05 Nov 20
Having loaded everything from 4-wheelers, pallets, and tool boxes, my favorite feature is the multiple tie down... locations. They allow me to secure a load from any angle. Also, this cover is truly water resistant. I haven’t had any problems with water leaking in the bed of my more
Carson Alvey
Carson Alvey
16:20 05 Nov 20
These covers are awesome! I highly recommend one of these to anyone looking for a truck bed cover. Super easy to fold... up while still being load bearing and it looks great on my truck! Five Stars for sure!read more
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