LED Lights on Truck Bed

Light up the Night

Whether a truck bed light kit is a high priority, or a fixture on your wishlist, the options may seem never-ending. If you want to tailgate in style, decorative options are limitless. But LED lights on a truck bed can also be incredibly functional as part of your overloading set up or on your tonneau cover. 

LED Lights on Truck Bed

Practically speaking, custom LED lights can be installed in your truck bed to drive better nighttime visibility. These are an obvious choice over traditional lights which easily overheat and bun out quickly. But more to the point, tonneau lighting can supplement the cargo lights in the bed, flooding it with light. 

overlanding racks

Plus, it can provide added security, as some LED truck bed lights are even motion activated. Whether you want to check on your cargo, or simply scare off passerby or raccoons, a DIY kit may be the way to go. 

heavy duty tie down

The Renegade Cover has an incorporated L-Track so you can attach many accessories right onto the cover as well.

LED Lights on Overland Rig

An after-market truck bed lighting system is even more crucial if you decide to get into overloading. The adventures you’ll have during the day lose their charm if you can’t relive them each night over dinner. While a campfire sets a certain mood, the increasing fire restrictions due to drought can be a real bummer. 

Full size truck with a camping tent an overlanding setup with the renegade racks rotopax and led lights
A Truck that is set up for Overlanding. Featuring a 23 zero rooftop tent supported by the Renegade Racks. A perfect truck camping experience.

Also, if you get up to use the bathroom or because you hear a noise, being able to light up your campsite is going to be crucial. No more stumbling around in the dark? Sold. It just may be that adding LED lights to your overland rig will make the whole experience that much more enjoyable. 

Considerations for LED Lights on Truck Bed

DIY truck bed cargo lights may seem like a simple accessory, but there are actually a lot of considerations. Do they come with a warranty? How easy will they be to install? What will the power draw be on the truck battery (and do you know how to hardwire them)? What’s their brightness and is there a halo effect? 

You might also consider color options, whether or not they have a remote, features (strobe, blinking, chasing), and sound (some synchronize with music!). Beyond their durability and the price you’re willing to pay, it’s also important to be aware of any restrictions which may vary from state to state. For example, you don’t want to get confused with the flashing lights of emergency vehicles. 

Shine Bright

The Renegade Cover and Renegade Racks are the start to the tricked out truck bed of your dreams. Place your order today, and get back to work — that way you’ll have time (and money) to play when your cover arrives. Don’t stay in the dark, learn more about Renegade today!

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