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Comparison Between Renegade, DiamondBack, and Lomax

The options for heavy-duty tonneau covers can be overwhelming! Simply Google “best tonneau covers of 2022” or “compare truck bed covers” and you’ll be bombarded with annoying ads and alluring promises. If you’ve narrowed it down to the Renegade, DiamondBack, or Lomax, here’s a handy comparison table to help you make an informed decision.

Renegade Cover Review
DiamondBack Cover


Weight-Bearing2,000 lbs.1,600 lbs.500 lbs.
MaterialMilitary-grade AluminumAluminum alloyAluminum
Folding StyleTri-foldTrunk-styleTri-fold
Weather ProtectionWeather-tight Water, dust, and mud resistantWeather-tightWater-shedding, sealed
ManufacturingMade in the USAMade in the USAMade in the USA
SecurityLocking mechanism, connected to tailgate No separate keyDeadbolt locksDual deadbolt
AccessoriesRacks, straps, bars, headache racks, Riptide, L-track systemRacks, bars, bins, overlanding, headache racks Tie-down cleatsRacks
PriceFrom $2,295From $2,099From $1219

Renegade Covers: Best Heavy-Duty Cover

It’s no secret that we’re partial to the Renegade Cover. But the facts also speak for themselves. Not only does it hold the title of the strongest tonneau cover in the industry, boasting a load capacity of 2,000 lbs, its military-grade aluminum isn’t going to let you down. 

ATV on a Tonneau Covers in utah
Renegade load bearing ATV tonneau cover

With a tri-fold design, it will be a breeze to use for every activity, hobby, or task you have in mind. Plus, it will ensure your truck bed remains secure. With a variety of accessories available to truly make it your own, you can be sure that after buying a Renegade Cover, you won’t look back. 

Renegade Tonneau Cover Weight Bearing
Renegade Cab Folding Section

No More Comparing

Renegade, DiamondBack, or Lomax. Each cover has its merits; it comes down to what’s best for you and your needs. For example, the Lomax is the cheapest option between these three, but that’s because it’s made of the cheapest material and holds less weight. DiamondBack is a solid option, but the way it folds limits its usability. 

Of course you can go back to the search for the best tonneau cover out there…but, spoiler alert, you already found it! With the best load capacity, most versatile accessories, and best in-class materials, Renegade Covers is the best premium truck bed cover. Get your Renegade Cover today and discover the Renegade difference.

Bakflip Alternative: The Renegade Cover

There are many popular tonneau covers on the market, and with so many options to choose from, it can be difficult to choose the correct heavy-duty tonneau cover for your vehicle. The Bakflip F1 Tonneau Cover is a consumer favorite, but does it hold up to other brands? Today, we’ll compare the Bakflip F1 with the alternative Renegade Heavy-Duty Tonneau Cover to determine which is the best for your needs. We will consider weight-bearing capacity, construction, functionality, and cost.

Weight-Bearing Tonneau Cover

When it comes to a weight bearing tonneau cover, these two beds aren’t even close. The Bakflip F1 Tonneau Cover can hold 400 pounds on top, while the Renegade Heavy-Duty Tonneau Cover can hold up to 2,000 pounds. Just as you wouldn’t trust a Subaru Baja with your cargo, don’t skimp on your tonneau cover. The Renegade cover is heavy duty, durable, and bears a load five times heavier than its competitor.

ATV on a Tonneau Cover
Load Bearing ATV tonneau cover.

Heavy-Duty Tonneau Cover

Both the Bakfip F1 and Renegade Cover are American made, boasting quality construction and materials. The F1 panels are made of fiberglass reinforced polymer, making it lightweight and heat resistant. In contrast, the Renegade Cover uses military grade aluminum to ensure strength and durability. Because of this, the Renegade Cover is heavier, but makes up for it with it’s impressive load-bearing construction.

Functionality: Tonneau Cover Accessories

Both models are a tri-fold tonneau cover, folding with ease. You can drive with the Bakflip in the two-thirds or fully upright position, freeing up the cargo bed. The only accessories offered from Bakflip are two racks that go on top of the cover. The Renegade Cover must be driven fully down, but redeems itself with it’s versatile L-track system. You can use the L-tracks found on the cover to tie down your load securely. Additionally, Renegade offers various products such as the Renegade Racks or Rip Tide Water System, proving itself superior in versatility.

Renegade Racks with roof top tent

Affordable Tonneau Cover

Here lies another defining feature of the competitors. The Bakflip F1 Tonneau Cover ranges from $990 to $1,300, while the Renegade Cover comes in from $2,295 to $2,795. The Bakflip cover, designed for smaller loads with less versatility, takes the cake. When it comes to a functional, weight-bearing tonneau cover with multiple accessories, you get what you pay for.


In the end, both are quality products. The Renegade Cover beats the Bakflip Tonneau Cover in load-bearing capacity, construction, and tonneau cover accessory options, and the price reflects that.

Buy your Renegade Heavy-Duty Tonneau Cover today and become part of the Renegade Tribe!

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America’s Toughest Cover

Built for Adventure, Overlanding,
Construction, and Daily Use
People Love the Quality, Security, and Versatility

We’ve Got You Covered

Unleash Your Full Potential