Best Truck Bed Cover a Beginner’s Guide.

Truck bed covers are an excellent way for truck owners to shield the inside of their truck bed while maintaining easy access to it. Of course, it highly depends on the truck owner’s tastes and needs. This article guides you through what you need to know before purchasing a truck bed cover for your truck.

Hard top truck bed cover with multiple tiedown points

Why You Need a Truck Bed Cover

Still not sure whether to buy a truck bed cover or not? Here are three essential reasons why truck owners should get one:

  • Protect your valuables from the environment: When the truck bed is left exposed to the environment, anything you put in it might be dirtied or damaged due to snow, rain, and dirt. Tonneau covers help keep these elements out. Also, they help keep the items inside safe and secure from malicious individuals. Without covers, people can easily walk up and grab small items. When looking to buy a bed cover, be sure to get an idea of the weatherproofing used. This includes looking at the seals, material used, and reviews.
  • Retain the truck bed’s full versatility: One key benefit of an open truck bed is its versatility in hauling big items. However, some versatility is lost with conventional camper shells, particularly for items that rise above the cab. That is when a bed cover might be a better option.
  • Fuel-efficient: While the best truck bed cover will not transform the truck into a hybrid, it can increase fuel economy. The aerodynamics of a truck is impacted by an open bed. This is because the wind is hitting the tailgate causing wind drag. A tonneau cover will help wind pass along the top of the bed more smoothly, this allows the truck to work less and consequently use less fuel in the process. Renegade customers report up to 13% better fuel economy while using their Tonneau Cover.

What Features To Look For When Selecting a Truck Bed Cover

Before buying a truck bed cover, you should consider the following key features:

  • Protection: The primary reason to purchase any truck bed covers is to protect valuable tools and gear from the weather and thieves. The cover should seal the sides and corners. Some high-end covers come with a drainage system that can direct water away from the truck bed.
  • Security lock: You should choose a bed cover that has an excellent security mechanism. There are many options on the market, soft roll tops, hard roll tops, retractable, clamshell, and trifold design. Read more about aluminum locking tonneau cover options.
  • Durability: Apart from choosing a hard or soft cover, the material it’s made of is crucial when determining its overall longevity and durability. Hardcovers give more rigidity, whereas soft covers offer more flexibility. Regardless of the type of material, the cover’s exterior should also be strong enough to withstand elements like UV radiation, snow, rain, and small scratches or impacts.
  • Stow Away Method: Most hard covers have a retracting mechanism to allow access to the truck bed. Two common forms are folding and retractable. The most common is a trifold design.
  • Accessories: Most truck bed covers are limited with accessory compatibility. The Renegade cover has multiple accessories such as racks, hooks, headache stops, RipTide pressurized water system, and more.
  • Price: Truck bed cover prices vary from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars depending on the design and brand of the cover.

The perfect bed cover is different for each truck owner. You must first identify primary goals for your bed cover; durability vs flexibility, secure belongings in the truck bed, if accessories are desired, and finally what the budget allows.

What Are The Applications?

Truck bed covers are simple to use and offer weather protection and security that keep cargo in the bed safe.

The applicable use of a bed cover is determined by the cover’s design. A soft tonneau cover keeps items in the truck bed from being vulnerable to weather and dirt, and from being seen by thieves. These work great for camping, and everyday use. Hard covers are durable so they can hold construction materials, a person standing on top, and even ATV’s or snowmobiles. These covers are compatible with accessories and are great for off-road adventures, overlanding, and construction.

Whatever hobby you do with your truck, there’s a perfect truck bed cover to match. For help determining what type of bed cover you should purchase, contact Renegade Bed Covers.

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