5th wheel tonneau cover

5th Wheel Trifold Tonneau Cover

Are you searching for a 5th wheel trifold tonneau cover? A 5th Wheel is an exciting investment and accessory for your pickup truck. However, once you install the truck bed hitch, it might feel like you’re unable to use your truck for anything else. Enter: Renegade. 

With a 5th Wheel Friendly Cover, Renegade is here to help keep your life balanced. 

Reliable, Resilient Rig

Not only does Renegade’s Trifold Tonneau Cover allow for plenty of clearance over your fifth-wheel hitch, it will protect it from inclement weather. It will also keep anything else you need to store or transport secure and dry. 

Plus, our 5th Wheel Friendly Cover won’t block you rear window when folded up. This key feature is priceless; at only 6 inches when stored, the Renegade Trifold Tonneau Cover won’t stop you from checking your trailer when driving. Plus this sleek design enables you to be more aware of your surroundings, making you a safer driver.

5th Wheel Tonneau Cover

Down and Dirty Details 

When it comes to using Renegade’s Trifold Tonneau Cover with your 5th wheel trailer, you’ll find its compatibility to be maximized with your 8 foot truck bed. It may also work on your 6 foot bed, depending on the trailer and hitch you select. 

In addition, Renegade offers a “Fold Up Leash” that will pop into the L-track and hook onto the cover when folded, keeping it stable in transit.

And don’t forget, no drilling is required when you install your new 5th Wheel Trifold Tonneau Cover. In fact, it can be easily removed without tools.

Fuel Up your Faithful Fiver 

Whether you’re heading out for the weekend, taking an extended trip, or a Full-Timer, adding a Trifold Tonneau Cover to your set up is the way to go. After all, one of the great benefits of a 5th Wheeler is being able to unhitch and use your truck for side trips. 

Your Trifold Tonneau Cover will come in handy as you head back to town for supplies, or when you set out for the perfect hunting spot. Or, if you pair your truck bed cover with low-profile racks, you’ll be ready to take an epic ride on your mountain bike, or catch some waves with your surf board.

When you finally have to make the trek home and pass the time between outings, you’ll find solace in how great of an asset your 5th Wheel trifold tonneau cover will be around town. Order yours now if you want an easy and reliable solution for your truck bed.

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