SUP Racks on Truck Bed Cover

Maybe you’ve been scouring the net for the best SUP of the year and you’ve got a Blackfin, Thurso, or Seagods board. Did you go with BOTE, Gili, or Portager instead? In any case, you’re only part way there. The big question is how you’re gonna get that board wet. We have your answer for SUP racks on a truck bed cover.

surf board mount on truck
Surfboard Mounted on Bed Cover

Joined at the Hip 

Your first impulse may be to bring your beloved paddleboard with you inside your car. After all, you love it and want to spend as much time with it as possible. Unfortunately it may prove to be quite awkward. 

It certainly won’t work for multiple paddleboards, or multiple passengers. Besides that, transporting a paddleboard inside your car can create additional blind spots creating a dangerous situation for you, other drivers, and pedestrians. 

Raise the Roof…Racks

Another option is transporting your paddleboard on top of your car. But here you are faced with two options: hard roof racks and soft roof racks. 

These vary wildly in terms of quality, price, and function. Unfortunately there are many roof racks on the market that will not sufficiently secure your SUP to your roof, and may leave it vulnerable. 

You might be considering Thule, Yakima, or Malone Stand-up Paddle Board Racks and Carriers, or another option, like Inno or Rhino-Rack. In any case, make sure your selection is up to the challenge. 

Add a Trailer

The third way forward is getting a sport trailer. The biggest problem with this option is that it doesn’t get you on the water fast enough. After all, it doesn’t just create an additional accessory you need to store, but an additional task when you really want to just be on the water. Spending time connecting your sport trailer to your car, getting it loaded up, and securing your paddleboard(s) with straps sounds like a pain.

SUP Racks on Truck Bed Cover

If you ask us, there’s only one reliable way to get your paddleboard to the lake: add SUP racks to your truck’s tonneau cover. Not only does this allow you to keep your truck bed full of whatever you want, it’s a safe way to get you and your board to the water. This is the fastest way to get there too. 

Stand up paddleboard on truck cover
heavy duty tie down

It almost feels like the only thing left to say is this: you’re welcome. Order your Renegade Cover today and add your favorite SUP racks to the mix. The rest is history! 

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