SUP on Tonneau Cover

Transporting Your SUP Board Using a Truck

Unless you’re lucky enough to live on a lake, your paddling habit requires a reliable way to transport your SUP to the water. With a truck, you have a few main options for getting you and your stand up paddleboard to the lake.

surf board mount on truck
Surfboard Mounted on Bed Cover

Back Window

Your first impulse may be to bring your beloved paddleboard with you inside your truck. After all, you love it and want to spend as much time with it as possible. Maybe you can squeeze it through the back window!

But it simply might not fit and might get banged up, and this plan is no good if you’ve got multiple paddleboards (or passengers). Plus, transporting a paddleboard inside your truck can create additional blind spots creating a dangerous situation for you, other drivers, and pedestrians. We don’t even want to think about what would happen if it falls out.

Truck Bed

It’s ok, the truck bed isn’t that far away – your SUP will be safe there, right? Wrong. To begin with, don’t even think about tossing it in the truck bed and heading out. While paddleboards may be awesome, they are not indestructible.

Stand up paddleboard on truck cover

You’ll want to get high quality rack pads and use tie down straps, at a minimum. But this way forward is pretty labor intensive. And it requires completely emptying your truck bed, since your board isn’t really ready to rumble with tools or a cooler. Plus, depending on your truck bed length, you may need to keep your tailgate down, so don’t want anything to fall out.

Roof Racks

You could put hard roof racks or soft roof racks on the very top of your truck, but it may create a weird air flow while you’re driving and it will be tough to get your board on and off.

You might be considering Thule, Yakima, or Malone Stand-up Paddle Board Racks and Carriers, or another option, like Inno or Rhino-Rack. In any case, make sure your selection is up to the challenge, because you don’t want your SUP falling off.

SUP Racks on Truck Bed Cover

If none of the above options seem right for you, don’t dismay. Renegade is here to help! The real answer to your quest is this: add SUP racks to your truck’s tonneau cover.

heavy duty tie down

Not only does this allow you to keep your truck bed full of whatever you want, it’s a safe way to get you and your board to the water. This is the fastest way to get there too. After all, you won’t need to empty your truck bed, and you can efficiently secure your SUP from the ground.

Paddle Like There’s No Tomorrow

Whether you have a Recreational, Touring, Racing, Downwind, Surfing, Whitewater, Yoga, or Fishing SUP, make sure safety is a top priority — and that starts when you leave the house.

Ready to spend more time on the water and less time reading about it? Go paddling whenever and wherever you like with your SUP racks on your truck bed cover.

Order your Renegade Cover today and add your favorite SUP racks to the mix. The rest is history! 

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