Snowmobile on a truck cover

Snowmobile on a Tonneau Cover

It’s officially snowmobile season! There’s nothing like setting out for some backcountry powder. The main ways to get out on a snowmobile depend on your budget, interests, and where you plan to go. If you have a truck, loading your snowmobile on a tonneau cover is a convenient option.

Home is Where the Powder is

For some riders, sledding is a way of life. They own their own snowmobiles and need a way to easily transport them to backcountry access. Whether it’s a bluebird day or gnarly out, these snow bunnies will beat the crowd. 

If you’re a newbie, it might be best to start with a tour on a snowmobile. That way, all the gear is provided, you just have to show up and prepare yourself for a newfound passion. This also may be the only option in some areas, like if you want to see Old Faithful let off steam during the winter. 

The middle ground is perhaps renting a snowmobile. But that means you’ll have to either transport it to where you’re headed, or hope the rental store is close to the backcountry. The danger here is that you’re living by the shop’s hours, and the snow may be tracked out before you even get started.

Searching for White Gold

Before you decide to rent or buy a machine, you’ll want to make sure your truck bed cover has the capacity to bear it. While every sled is a bit different, the average weight of a snowmobile is about 500 pounds. The heaviest one on the market is the Arctic Cat Pantera 7000 XT Limited, which weighs in at 767 pounds. But don’t forget to add in the weight of any snow that’s still on the machine, or that falls on the cover in the meantime. 

Snowmobile on a truck cover

While there are many tonneau covers that can’t even begin to hold the weight of a snowmobile, Renegade’s tonneau cover is able to carry a distributed load of 2,000 pounds! So throw a second sled on, and you’ll still be fine.

If you’re an experienced rider looking for top-rated trails, you know the importance of reliable equipment. That doesn’t just include your sled and suit, but your truck and its cover. 

tonneau cover that can handle a snow load

When you load your snowmobile onto Renegade’s truck bed cover, there won’t even be a moment of hesitance. With Renegade, you’ve got a cover made of Military-Grade aluminum, built to withstand tough weather climates.

Score First Tracks

Spend more time riding and less time worrying about the strength of your truck bed cover. Whether you call it sledding or snowmachining, or it’s your third time or thirtieth, Renegade wants you to be prepared for whatever adventure lies ahead.

Be ready to go when Old Man Winter calls. Order your Renegade Cover today!

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