truck bed cover with ski rack

Tonneau Cover with Ski Racks

Whatever adventure you’re gearing up for, adding ski racks to your tonneau cover is going to add so much convenience. Besides, the more time you spend securing (and un-securing) your skis, the less time you’ll have on the slopes. 

tonneau cover with ski racks
Renegade Tonneau Cover with Ski Rack

Ski with Style

As you think about the right tonneau cover and ski racks for you, it has to be sleek. But, if it’s not simple to use and built to last, what’s the point? 

It’s important that your tonneau cover and ski racks are made of high quality materials and that they have a protective finish. Plus, it should all be simple to install, and easy to take on and off, since, unfortunately, there is such a thing as non-ski season.

Weight Bearing Truck Cover
Skis in …Moab?

If the way up to the ski hill is full of twists and turns (or drivers who can’t handle the snowy conditions), you know how important it is for your skis to be secure. If one comes off when you’re driving, it’s not like side-stepping up the hill a few feet to find it; it might be gone forever! Investing in the right set-up for transporting your skis is a simple way to avoid a ruined ski day. Plus, you can’t afford to miss that once-in-a-lifetime powder.

tonneau cover in utah
Ski Racks mounted on the Aero Bars with the L-Track

No More Moguls

Rather than mess around with subpar gear, let Renegade be a part of your snow day. 

Mounting most any kind of truck bed accessory to the L-Track system on Renegade’s Tonneau Cover is easy. But, to make things super simple for you, Renegade offers a versatile Aero Bar system that’s perfect to mount your skis onto, or just about anything else. 

Renegade Aero Bars aren’t just ready for your favorite ski accessory. They will serve you in many adventures to come. The truth is, we could brag on it all day; after all, it’s the most durable roof rack system in the industry, holding up to 400 pounds per pair. That’s 180 lbs more than Thule!

Let’s Hit the Slopes!

So secure your skis on top and your boots, helmets, and jackets in the truck bed. Under your tonneau cover, they’ll be safe from the weather and any onlookers who get jealous of your set-up. Pop your skis into the secure truck bed if you feel anyone will stare too hard at them. It’s time to enjoy the mountain; leave all the other details to Renegade.

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