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Best Tonneau Covers in Utah

The Adventure Mecca 

Located just north of Salt Lake City, Renegade Covers calls Utah home. It’s the perfect place to try out our truck bed covers and accessories. Renegade Covers are American Made and our tonneau covers in Utah are best in class.

Whether you plan to go overlanding in Grand Staircase-Escalante, camping in the Uintas, or jet-skiing on Bear Lake…Utah has it all. But did you know Utah also has the best truck bed covers? 

Life Elevated 

If you are native to Utah, or a newcomer, having a tonneau cover will help you make the best of your adventure. That means you’ll be ready to go mountain biking in Moab, hit up ATV trails in the West Desert, or kayak Lake Powell. 

ATV on a Tonneau Covers in utah
Load bearing ATV tonneau cover.

But not just any cover will do the trick. You need one that will keep your expensive toys secure on the road, and safe in a parking lot. That’s where Renegade comes in, with the highest level of security – and it’s keyless! Plus, with multiple mounting points, our Renegade Racks make accessory combinations not only endless, but reliable.

Greatest Snow on Earth

As it starts to get cold, it’s time to go tailgating at football games. With your Renegade Cover, you’ll be able to quickly store everything you need if the weather turns sour.

Or, if you’re headed to the slopes in Park City, you’ll know your gear is secure in our locking truck bed cover. That will definitely come in handy if you stop by the outlet mall, or for a hot drink on Main Street! 

tonneau covers in utah
Dirt trails in Moab
tonneau cover in utah
Ski Racks mounted on the Aero Bars with the L-Track

Whether you are going to Logan Valley or Cedar Valley, your snowmobile can come along, since its weight isn’t too much for the Renegade Cover. With the machine on top, you’ll have plenty of space to store everything else you’ll need in the truck bed. 

Tonneau Covers in Utah

We could go on and on, but would be remiss if we left out rock climbing. If you’re headed to Super Crack in Indian Creek, or somewhere closer to home, you’ll need somewhere safe to keep your expensive gear – like Utah’s own tonneau covers, only at Renegade. 

In Utah, tonneau covers are the way to go, but the options can be overwhelming. At Renegade, we keep it simple for you; rather than overloading you with options, we’ve done the hard work of figuring out what’s best, adding all the right features to our tonneau cover. 

And we do it right here in Utah – that is, when we aren’t doing research on our own adventures! 

Get Your Renegade Cover

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