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Racks on Top of Tonneau Cover

Take your Truck to the Next Level

Wishing this were a summer filled with adventure? Make sure it’s the last one you ever have without a Renegade Cover and Renegade Racks. Whatever adventure is ahead of you, this is the setup of racks on top of a tonneau cover your truck has been missing.

Rack on Top of Tonneau Cover

While the first step is investing in a high quality, durable, and user-friendly tonneau cover, the next thing you’ll set your sights on is a rack system. Just when you think your truck couldn’t be any more flexible or functional, enter Renegade Racks.

overlanding racks
racks on top of tonneau cover
Renegade Racks on Ford

But first, consider the qualities your truck bed cover needs. Not only must it be easy to install and remove (heaven forbid), it needs to be strong enough to take you and your gear wherever your heart desires. 

Overlanding truck bed cover
Renegade Racks with Roof Tent

Its security should be top-notch, with plenty of locking pins to keep whatever you store underneath your tonneau cover safe and sound — and protected from the elements. Renegade’s Military-Grade aluminum cover is also low-profile. This trifold hard tonneau cover has a smooth surface, ready for whatever floats your boat.

High-Rated Truck Bed Cover Racks

Mounting most any kind of truck bed accessory to the L-Track system on Renegade’s Tonneau Cover is easy. But, adding Renegade Racks is a great upgrade for users passionate about truck camping and more.

Renegade offers a versatile, high quality rack system perfect for activities including overlanding, construction, power sports, and hunting. With all these uses, it’s no surprise this is the most durable truck bed cover and rack system in the industry. 

The tonneau cover itself can bear up to 2,000 pounds, or the racks can take on the pressure of up to 1,600 pounds! This is incredibly impressive for a rack system that weighs only 30-33lbs, depending on the model.

The Right Racks Paired with the Right Tonneau Cover

Whether it’s time to load up your four-wheeler or snowmobile, or you’re headed off the beaten path for a weekend away, Renegade is here to help. 

This upgrade is just a few clicks away. Select your truck’s year, make, and model to ensure your new tonneau cover will fit just right. Then get back to planning the next great adventure!

Roof Cargo Box on Truck

Raise the Roof…Box

Rooftop cargo carriers can be a great way to give you some extra capacity. You can choose between hard shell and soft, and between roof cargo baskets, bags, and boxes. But perhaps the most important consideration of all is making sure you have a secure base for your cargo carrier. We have the cover for you, that lets you attach a roof cargo box on a truck bed.

Roof Cargo Box on Truck

The first step is selecting a high quality tonneau cover that will coordinate easily with low-profile racks. Ensuring a simple installation is the first step. On the flip side, it also needs to be easy to remove; after all, there are those annoying trips to the dump or to pick up gravel, wood, or a new couch.

Renegade’s Aero Bars create a roof bar on your truck bed. This may be an option for you, if you have lot’s of accessories that are compatible with roof racks!

bike rack for tonneau cover

Most of all, you have to make sure your new truck bed cover and racks will handle your cargo well! When you have expensive gear or meaningful items loaded up, you don’t want to feel anything less than confident. But finding a low profile truck bed cover and racks that are highly durable is no easy feat.

roof cargo box on truck

Rather than spending your time comparing Renegade with lesser models, we’ll cut to the chase. Not only is it easy to mount most any kind of truck bed accessory to the L-Track system on Renegade’s Tonneau Cover, we also offer Renegade Racks.

Renegade Racks to the Rescue

Renegade’s versatile, high quality rack system is perfect for overlanding, construction, power sports, hunting, camping, rooftop cargo carriers, and more. We could brag on it all day, after all, it’s the most durable rack system in the industry, holding up to 1,600 pounds! 

But more to the point, this rack system is also super light, just 30-33lbs depending on the model. Plus, with multiple mounting points, our Renegade Racks make accessory combinations not only endless, but reliable.

Renegade Racks are the perfect compliment to a Renegade Cover, which is as heavy-duty as they come. Made with military-grade aluminum, using friction stir welding with no external welds. The sturdy construction ensures that the cover can withstand a tough climate and is resistant to mud, water, and dust.

overlanding racks

Able to carry up to 2,000 pounds on top, while protecting whatever you store below, The Renegade Cover is one of the most versatile covers on the market. With a smooth top, you can easily slide construction materials across it, or place large appliances on top. When it’s time to play, it will hold your ATV or snowmobile, or can coordinate with a variety of accessories, like ski racks or surf board mounts.

Rely on Renegade – for Roof Cargo Box Carrier

Don’t let your truck bed cover or racks hold you back. Be ready to work or play when you outfit your truck with Renegade. Throw your favorite roof cargo carrier on top and you’ll be on the road in no time.

With Renegade, you’ll find a load bearing tonneau cover and racks that won’t be beat. Join the Renegade revolution today; you won’t regret it. 

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