Ram 2500 tonneau cover

Tonneau Cover for Ram 2500

Since 1900, Dodge has been providing vehicles to America. When Ram split off in 2010, the company dedicated itself to highly capable, luxury trucks. Now, thanks to Renegade, there’s a perfectly paired tonneau cover for the Ram 2500. 

Get the Job Done with Ram 2500

Whether you chose a Ram 2500 because of its potential as a work or family vehicle, it’s a massive investment in your future. With a maximum towing capacity of 20,000 pounds and the ability to take on 3,160 in payload, your new truck is ready to haul serious loads.

Ram 2500 tonneau cover

What can’t you put on a Renegade?

If you make the mistake of pairing your Ram with a less-than capable tonneau cover, it’s going to look out of place. What’s the point of a Paragon cover if it can only hold 300lbs? Even a DiamondBack isn’t up to the task, topping out at 1,600lbs. Your truck deserves a heavy-duty cover that’s up to the challenge.

Show your Game Face

Your Ram 2500, when outfitted with a Renegade Cover, will be able to hold up to 2,000 pounds on top of the truck bed cover. Once you unlock the potential of utilizing the space on top of your truck bed cover, you’ll never go back. 

tonneau cover for ram 2500

A tonneau cover will be especially important if you select a Ram truck with integrated towing hardware. After all, this will allow you to transport items on top and underneath it. Make sure you are ready to use your full-size quarter ton pickup truck to its fullest potential.

Choose your Beast

Whether you have a Ram 2500 or another large heavy-duty pickup, Renegade is ready with the cover of your dreams. It’s got what you need in terms of security, flexibility, and durability. In fact, it can even resist snow, mud, rain, wind, and dust.

Make the most out of your Ram 2500 by pairing it with a strong and reliable truck bed cover. And then, add on whatever accessories float your boat – from Aero Bars to Renegade Racks or Headache Racks. Renegade has designed truck bed cover accessories with you and your passions in mind.

pick up truck cover overlanding setup

Renegade Tonneau Cover for Ram 2500

Now make it yours. All that’s left to do is figure out where you’re going to take your Ram 2500 first. The hardware store or to the Uintas for a mountain getaway? 

Whatever your plan is, with a Renegade Cover your truck will be ready to take on even unpredictable situations. Renegade is waiting. Order a Renegade tonneau cover for your Ram 2500 today!


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