off road truck bed cover

Off Road Truck Bed Cover

Plan your Off Road Escape 

It’s easy to get overwhelmed – whether that’s due to politics, drama, or an overflowing email inbox. If you’ve ever thought about just running away for awhile, we’ve got just the thing for you. So you have a truck, but you need an off road truck bed cover in order to escape civilization in style and functionality.

Off Road Truck Bed Cover

Whether you’re considering taking your truck off roading, or want to take your 4×4 out, the most important accessory you’ll buy is an off road truck bed cover. Before you get off the beaten path, you have to make sure all the equipment and supplies you need are safely packed up and ready to go.

Overlanding truck bed cover
Renegade Racks with Roof Tent

There’s no place better than underneath the most secure truck bed cover, a Renegade Cover. Plus, thanks to Renegade’s unrivaled construction, this is a tri-fold cover made of military-grade aluminum that can hold up to 2,000 pounds on top.

Maybe you dream about driving out to the desert to enjoy the wide open spaces and dark sky. Or perhaps you think it’s best to track down Sasquatch in the mountains, in order to find out the secret to a simple life. Whether you plan on atv-ing, mountain biking, hiking, or some other type 2 fun, start with an off road truck bed cover that will have your back.

Get Away for Awhile

Make sure you’re ready to take on whatever mud, sand, or storm is ahead, with the strongest truck bed cover on the market. It’s also the most secure truck bed cover, with more locking pins than any competitor and a keyless mechanism you can rely on. 

With a Renegade Cover, you have the perfect base for an overlanding set-up. This is a great way to ensure your truck bed is available to transport everything else you need. But the Renegade is also a perfect base for your adventure gear — whether that’s a snowmobile, mountain-bike, or kayaks.

bike on truck bed

Get your truck ready for the adventure of your dreams! Thanks to Renegade, it will be here before you know it. Plus, you’ll be prepared with a truck bed cover that’s ready for all of life’s challenges.

Truck Bed Cover Accessories for Overlanding and Off Roading

As you plan your escape, Renegade Covers is two steps ahead. The truth is, we are stoked about your off-road adventure. Let us handle the truck bed cover, while you fill in the other details. 

That said, if you want help with accessories, we’ve got you. Common accessories for an overlanding setup are the Renegade Racks, T-Slot Frame Rails, and the Riptide pressurized water system. But there’s no shortage possibilities when using a Renegade Cover for your next adventure.

overlanding racks for truck

Your new truck bed cover will work with just about any accessory out there — contact us if you have specific questions.

Invest in an Off Road Life you Love

Day dreams might help you get through a tough afternoon, but it’s time to take real steps toward your goals. Order your Renegade Cover today and start planning your off-road, email-free adventure. It’s long overdue.

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