metal trifold cover

Metal Tonneau Cover

Meet the Strongest Tonneau Cover

As you compare soft and hard tonneau covers, you’ll find more options than you wanted to know about. From roll-up covers to retractable covers, the truck bed cover industry has gotten a little out of hand. But with all these gadgets, a focus on security and strength seems to have been forgotten. In addition to being user-friendly, if your truck bed cover isn’t secure and strong, what’s the point? Enter, the Renegade, a metal tonneau cover for the ages.

Metal Tonneau Cover

The gold choice is an aluminum hard tonneau cover, but not just any aluminum alloy will do. After all, there’s a big difference between a can of coca-cola and the material airplanes are made of. 

With Renegade Covers, your worries will disappear. After all, made of Military-Grade aluminum and with a weight-bearing capacity of 2,000 lbs, you’ll be ready for whatever life throws at you. 

GMC Sierra tonneau cover
GMC Sierra tonneau cover

This is true in terms of security too. With more locking than any truck bed cover on the market, there’s no way an intruder is breaking into this locking truck bed cover. 

Aluminum Tonneau Cover: Your Truck’s Best Friend

In the same way Renegade takes security and strength seriously, we care about the user-experience. After all, that’s how we got into the business. Disappointed by the existing covers on the market, Renegade Covers was born as an answer to all your adventurous heart’s desires. 

Since Renegade Covers is ready to help you with your home improvement or construction projects too, providing a strong, sleek top that’s ready for cargo, it’s a no-nonsense investment. This durable, weathertight, tri-fold cover also features a factory-applied powder coating, ensuring resistance to a slew of threats.

Overlanding truck bed cover
Renegade Racks with Roof Tent

Ready to work with just about any accessory, the Renegade Cover will propel you into a lifestyle you never thought possible. Whether you want to get into hunting, snow machining, mountain biking, or overlanding, we’ve got the solution.

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Got other questions? Don’t hesitate to reach out to the Renegade team today. We’d love the chance to tell you how a Renegade Cover might just change your life forever.

Want a strong, aluminum tonneau cover with keyless security you can rely on? There’s only one way to go: Renegade Covers. 

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