The Ultimate DiamondBack Cover Alternative

DiamondBack Covers are a well-known durable tonneau cover brand, although you may be looking for an alternative for a handful of reasons. Renegade Tonneau Covers are comparable to DiamondBack Covers in a few main categories. They are both weight-bearing, durable, lockable, and aluminum tonneau covers with optional accessories.

Both DiamondBack and Renegade tonneau covers contain key features that can be useful for various applications. While they are both heavy-duty and secure, there are differences in their design, construction, build quality, and functionality. Check out the comparison of the two to learn more about them. 

DiamondBack vs. Renegade: How Are They Different?

DiamondBack Cover 

DiamondBack Design

The DiamondBack Cover is made with an aluminum diamond plating construction and covered with a rough bedliner material. DiamondBack has hinges on top of the cover so it is not a flat top. Tie downs and accessories also protrude on top of the cover. The height of the DiamondBack cover is about 2.75 inches measured from the top of the bed rail, excluding any hardware or accessories. 

DiamondBack Build Quality

In terms of build quality, the DiamondBack Cover has external welds and keyed locks in the front and back to access the bed. There are 2 pins that engage for each of the 2 locks on this model for a total of 4 locking pins. Inside the DiamondBack cover, they’ve tack welded the cross member support bars to the cover.

The DiamondBack can hold up to 1,600 lbs. on top of the bed cover for their premium model. As for sealing, the cover comes with a tall profile soft EPDM seal and has good water resistance capabilities.

DiamondBack Functionality

Upon unlocking and opening the DiamondBack cover, the struts lift and keep the cover sections open. Since it doesn’t fold on top of itself, it can prevent you from accessing the full truck bed.

You can remove each of the two clamshell panels of the cover by unhooking the struts and sliding them off. The middle section is not removable without tools. You can access about 1/3 of the end of the bed with the cover open and you can’t haul something too tall because of the clam section of the cover. 

Renegade Cover

Renegade Design

Similar to the DiamondBack Cover, the Renegade Cover is made with an aluminum diamond plating construction. But Renegade has the bed lining in the middle of the section with powder-coated edges. The Renegade Cover is about 1.5 inches tall, and overall has a cleaner appearance than the DiamondBack. It is flat without accessories attached since all the hardware the cover needs to function is designed underneath the cover so it doesn’t interfere with usability.

Tonneau Cover

The Renegade cover has an integrated L-track compatible with all of the Renegade accessories for added functionality and security. You can attach anchors or create an overland system by adding accessories like the Renegade Hooks and Renegade Racks. Other accessories include Aero Bars and Headache Stops

Renegade Build Quality

Renegade Covers are designed without external welds, and have a keyless security mechanism. There is a rail system with 8 pins that engage to keep the cover secured to the truck bed. The support beams underneath the cover are friction stir welded across the entire width of the bed cover.

Similarly to the DiamondBack, Renegade Covers can hold a lot of weight, but Renegade can hold up to 2,000 lbs. In terms of sealing, the Renegade cover uses a firm low profile P seal which has good water resistance capabilities. 

Renegade Functionality

You can use the Renegade Cover for different applications compared to the DiamondBack Cover. You can unlock the tailgate end by about 2 feet and have no height restrictions, then fold open the cover further to get 4 feet of access to your truck bed. The cab section of the cover can also be opened independently.

The entire Renegade cover removes easily with no tools by folding it into thirds, releasing the cab pins, and lifting it off the bed.

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Renegade Bed Covers are a great DiamondBack Cover alternative because they share similar durable construction, weight-bearing capacities, and functionality. If you’re ready to start shopping for Renegade Bed Covers and accessories.

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