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Comparison Between Renegade, DiamondBack, and Lomax

The options for heavy-duty tonneau covers can be overwhelming! Simply Google “best tonneau covers of 2022” or “compare truck bed covers” and you’ll be bombarded with annoying ads and alluring promises. If you’ve narrowed it down to the Renegade, DiamondBack, or Lomax, here’s a handy comparison table to help you make an informed decision.

Renegade Cover Review
DiamondBack Cover


Weight-Bearing2,000 lbs.1,600 lbs.500 lbs.
MaterialMilitary-grade AluminumAluminum alloyAluminum
Folding StyleTri-foldTrunk-styleTri-fold
Weather ProtectionWeather-tight Water, dust, and mud resistantWeather-tightWater-shedding, sealed
ManufacturingMade in the USAMade in the USAMade in the USA
SecurityLocking mechanism, connected to tailgate No separate keyDeadbolt locksDual deadbolt
AccessoriesRacks, straps, bars, headache racks, Riptide, L-track systemRacks, bars, bins, overlanding, headache racks Tie-down cleatsRacks
PriceFrom $2,295From $2,099From $1219

Renegade Covers: Best Heavy-Duty Cover

It’s no secret that we’re partial to the Renegade Cover. But the facts also speak for themselves. Not only does it hold the title of the strongest tonneau cover in the industry, boasting a load capacity of 2,000 lbs, its military-grade aluminum isn’t going to let you down. 

ATV on a Tonneau Covers in utah
Renegade load bearing ATV tonneau cover

With a tri-fold design, it will be a breeze to use for every activity, hobby, or task you have in mind. Plus, it will ensure your truck bed remains secure. With a variety of accessories available to truly make it your own, you can be sure that after buying a Renegade Cover, you won’t look back. 

Renegade Tonneau Cover Weight Bearing
Renegade Cab Folding Section

No More Comparing

Renegade, DiamondBack, or Lomax. Each cover has its merits; it comes down to what’s best for you and your needs. For example, the Lomax is the cheapest option between these three, but that’s because it’s made of the cheapest material and holds less weight. DiamondBack is a solid option, but the way it folds limits its usability. 

Of course you can go back to the search for the best tonneau cover out there…but, spoiler alert, you already found it! With the best load capacity, most versatile accessories, and best in-class materials, Renegade Covers is the best premium truck bed cover. Get your Renegade Cover today and discover the Renegade difference.

Renegade vs Lomax

Choosing a truck bed cover may sound simple, but there is much to consider. First, you need to find one that fits and protects your truck bed while meeting your particular needs. We will be looking at the differences in the Renegade vs Lomax tonneau covers.

Installing a tonneau cover provides additional versatility to your truck. It adds value with security, weather protection, adds clean lines to your truck and increases gas mileage. Many truck owners recognize that it is an essential accessory, especially for carrying tools or expensive equipment. 

Choosing the Right Tonneau Cover for Your Truck

Pick up trucks are reliable for daily driving because they can haul large cargo. If you store luggage, tools, or other items in your truck bed, then you should consider getting a tonneau cover. A few important things to note are the security your tonneau cover offers, and the convenience of taking it on and off.

There is a wide variety of pick up truck tonneau covers on the market to choose from. Aside from sorting your choices based on the brand, color, type, and price, you need to consider if it can satisfy the specific needs you have. Below are details of both tonneau cover brands, Renegade vs Lomax.

Lomax Cover

Lomax has a variety of tri-fold truck bed cover for truck owners to select from. Its Professional Series aluminum tri-fold truck bed cover has a low-profile design that enhances your truck without compromising the protection it delivers. This cover is lightweight at 60 lbs, easy to operate, and the cover is released from inside the truck bed for added security.

Lomax truck bed covers have automatic ten-point locking system which locks each panel into a position of one of ten points as they’re unfolded. Waterproof hinges and water-shedding design lets the water flow away from the bed without the need for gutters or drains. The aluminum channels reinforce the panels enabling it to hold 400-500 pounds of weight. Lomax tonneau covers are also easy to disengage from the truck or reinstall, without the need for drilling any holes.

Renegade Tonneau Cover

Renegade is a dependable tri-fold, heavy-duty truck bed cover that delivers top-notch security and functionality. It is made from military-grade aluminum, which enables its weight-bearing capacity of up to 2,000 lbs. It has an integrated L-track system, which you can utilize for endless accessories and tie-down options. You will never have to worry about the safety of your cargo since the cover can only be opened from inside the truck bed, keeping everything secure.

Renegade Tonneau Cover
Jeep Gladiator with the Renegade Tonneau Cover

The diamond-plated design of the Renegade can withstand tough climates and elements including water and dust, which makes it the perfect truck accessory for your next adventure. The Renegade Cover is available for various truck make such as Chevy, Ford, GMC, Toyota, Jeep, and Ram. 

Be Part of the Renegade Tribe

Truck bed covers are a versatile addition to your truck, and you can benefit from daily use, Overlanding, or even construction. If you want what’s best for your truck, then Renegade’s next-generation truck tonneau cover is the one for you. Don’t miss out on giving your truck the bed cover it deserves. Shop and place an order with Renegade today! 

Renegade vs Peragon

With all the available truck bed covers in the market, finding the one that fits and satisfies your needs is a challenge. It’s best if you considered the pros and cons of every brand available. We will compare the covers made by Renegade vs Peragon. There are many things to note when shopping for a new tonneau cover for your truck. Even if you have options to choose from, carefully comparing and researching will help you make the right decision.

Determining the Best Tonneau Cover

One of the basic considerations for pick up truck tonneau cover is the ability to maintain the cargo’s security and protect it from outside forces. A truck bed cover should be able to safeguard your items against harsh weather and other elements such as rain, dust, snow, and mud. Furthermore, it should provide safety against theft.

If you’re scoping out your choices for truck tonneau covers, you will most likely want a guide. So, here are two brands that deliver heavy-duty tonneau covers for you to choose from.

Peragon Cover

The family-owned American made truck bed cover company sells its primary solid aluminum retractable pickup bed covers. Some of the features include flexibility, easy-to-remove design, and visual appeal. In addition, their truck covers are made only with 100% aluminum. These covers are also easy to install yourself, so this one suits you if you’re a person who likes to DIY.

The cover retracts down like an accordion talking up 6″ in the bulkhead of the truck bed, so it could potentially be difficult to close if you are filling the inside of your truck bed with cargo. The Peragon cover slides along a track so it’s easy to open and close, and it’s removable in 30 seconds.

The Peragon cover also has a lock and key on top the cover for theft deterrent. It’s thin and lightweight aluminum is not strong enough to walk on. It’s not waterproof, as water can seep in around the edges. You can get the cover in white, black, or paint matched to your truck.

Renegade Cover

The Renegade truck bed cover is a heavy-duty, tri-fold tonneau cover that offers premium security and functionality. The Renegade cover has the capacity to carry weight up to 2,000 pounds, which makes it perfect for daily use, overlanding, and construction. It also guarantees weather tight protection against tough climates.

Renegade truck bed cover
Renegade Cover on a Cummins Longhorn Ram

Renegade truck bed covers also deliver top-notch customization through the versatile L-track system and aluminum keyless locking cover. Your cargo will be stored safely inside. In addition, the sleek trifold design stands only 1.5 inches on top of the bed rails that provides access to your gear.

Depending on your truck model, the usual installation takes about 1 to 4 hours. That covers the entire process from taking out of the box to watching the installation video, positioning the cover for the truck bed, and finally placing and securing the wedge lock brackets. 

Find the Renegade Cover for You!

We hope this helped show some differences in Renegade vs Peragon truck bed covers. Maybe it will help you decide which cover is best for you.

Renegade offers one of the most reliable tonneau cover on the market that surely won’t let you down. It’s crucial to invest in a product that’s tried and tested to last you for years. It’s worth what you pay for. So, if you’re ready to give your truck bed only the highest-rated cover, then it’s time to shop and order for Renegade truck bed cover today!

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America’s Toughest Cover

Built for Adventure, Overlanding,
Construction, and Daily Use
People Love the Quality, Security, and Versatility

We’ve Got You Covered

Unleash Your Full Potential