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Aero Bars on a Truck

Renegade Details: Aero Bars

Every detail of the Renegade Cover has been selected and crafted in order to build the world’s best tonneau cover. One option with the Renegade tonneau cover is to add Aero Bars on a truck bed cover. These are the perfect foundation for all kinds of accessories.

Aero Bars Provide Military-Grade Support

Renegade’s tonneau cover is the perfect start to your adventure, but the Aero Bars definitely take it up a notch. These military grade aluminum racks can each bear 200 pounds, even though your bike or kayak weighs significantly less.

Truck Bed Cover Accessories

When installing your Aero Bars, they’ll bolt directly to the cover, so there’s no drilling required. This means if you need to remove them, you aren’t leaving holes behind that would look bad or let water in. After all, your Renegade Cover can handle up to 2,000 pounds, so you may want to transport something big or heavy on it like a flat bed. Alternatively, you can keep the cover closed and Aero Bars on, while stowing items underneath. Your cargo will be safe and secure.

One of the coolest things about the Aero Bars is that they are used as the supports for some of Cessna’s airplane wings. If you’re looking for serious support, it doesn’t get better than Renegade’s Aero Bars.

Mounting Your Bike on Your Truck Bed Cover

One of the most popular things that Aero Bars are used for on the Renegade Cover is supporting bike racks. There are so many options for transporting your bike — from tailgate covers to fork-mounted, side-clamp, tow-hitch, or rooftop racks. But each of these approaches have drawbacks, like having to take off the front wheel or leaving your bike to get jostled in the truck bed.

aero bars on truck

However, when you pair Aero Bars with your Renegade Cover, you will be able to add your favorite universal racks for transporting your bike, canoes, kayaks, skis, and so much more. These make it super easy to secure and unload your gear. That means you get more time on the mountain or in the water!

Join the Renegade Tribe Today

Whatever challenge you’re gearing up for, make sure you’re prepared for the journey with a Renegade Cover and Aero Bars on a truck. These military-grade upgrades will transform your truck and your life, no joke. Want to learn more about Renegade? Contact us today.

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