Renegade truck bed cover

Renegade vs Peragon

With all the available truck bed covers in the market, finding the one that fits and satisfies your needs is a challenge. It’s best if you considered the pros and cons of every brand available. We will compare the covers made by Renegade vs Peragon. There are many things to note when shopping for a new tonneau cover for your truck. Even if you have options to choose from, carefully comparing and researching will help you make the right decision.

Determining the Best Tonneau Cover

One of the basic considerations for pick up truck tonneau cover is the ability to maintain the cargo’s security and protect it from outside forces. A truck bed cover should be able to safeguard your items against harsh weather and other elements such as rain, dust, snow, and mud. Furthermore, it should provide safety against theft.

If you’re scoping out your choices for truck tonneau covers, you will most likely want a guide. So, here are two brands that deliver heavy-duty tonneau covers for you to choose from.

Peragon Cover

The family-owned American made truck bed cover company sells its primary solid aluminum retractable pickup bed covers. Some of the features include flexibility, easy-to-remove design, and visual appeal. In addition, their truck covers are made only with 100% aluminum. These covers are also easy to install yourself, so this one suits you if you’re a person who likes to DIY.

The cover retracts down like an accordion talking up 6″ in the bulkhead of the truck bed, so it could potentially be difficult to close if you are filling the inside of your truck bed with cargo. The Peragon cover slides along a track so it’s easy to open and close, and it’s removable in 30 seconds.

The Peragon cover also has a lock and key on top the cover for theft deterrent. It’s thin and lightweight aluminum is not strong enough to walk on. It’s not waterproof, as water can seep in around the edges. You can get the cover in white, black, or paint matched to your truck.

Renegade Cover

The Renegade truck bed cover is a heavy-duty, tri-fold tonneau cover that offers premium security and functionality. The Renegade cover has the capacity to carry weight up to 2,000 pounds, which makes it perfect for daily use, overlanding, and construction. It also guarantees weather tight protection against tough climates.

Renegade truck bed cover
Renegade Cover on a Cummins Longhorn Ram

Renegade truck bed covers also deliver top-notch customization through the versatile L-track system and aluminum keyless locking cover. Your cargo will be stored safely inside. In addition, the sleek trifold design stands only 1.5 inches on top of the bed rails that provides access to your gear.

Depending on your truck model, the usual installation takes about 1 to 4 hours. That covers the entire process from taking out of the box to watching the installation video, positioning the cover for the truck bed, and finally placing and securing the wedge lock brackets. 

Find the Renegade Cover for You!

We hope this helped show some differences in Renegade vs Peragon truck bed covers. Maybe it will help you decide which cover is best for you.

Renegade offers one of the most reliable tonneau cover on the market that surely won’t let you down. It’s crucial to invest in a product that’s tried and tested to last you for years. It’s worth what you pay for. So, if you’re ready to give your truck bed only the highest-rated cover, then it’s time to shop and order for Renegade truck bed cover today!

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