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As you plan your next adventure, it’s important to pack up your truck accordingly. But there are certain accessories that are going to change the game forever. The first is obviously the Renegade Cover. But it’s so revolutionary that we can’t get into that right now. This blog is about another key accessory for your truck: a pressurized water system.

Pressurized Water System 

You might not think a pressurized water system is that important, but it really is. Not only is keeping your truck clean an important way to protect in in the long run, the pressurized water system can also benefit you, your family, and the other gear you’ve invested in. 

If you’re picturing a cold, harsh spray of water, think again. Renegade’s Riptide system is solar heated and can have the pressure you need for a shower or adjust it for other uses. This means it’s gentle enough for little hands, dirty paws, and sandy feet. 

pressure washer for 4x4

The Riptide isn’t just a clever roadside hand washing station, it’s good for cleaning freshly caught fish, hunting tools, and your favorite muddy boots.

Portable and High Quality Pressurized Water

Plus, the Riptide is ready to meet your specific needs; it can be mounted to your truck or side by side, or simply kept portable. It’s also available in three sizes, which hold between 1.4 and 2.2 gallons of water. Each model is easy to use: just fill the tank with water, pressurize up to 120 psi, and you’re ready to rock and roll.

portable pressurized water system

This is the accessory you need to ensure your truck’s interior stays stain-free. Besides, it’s so much easier to clean things immediately than once they’ve sat for awhile and gotten crusty. Your time is worth so much more than dealing with that mess! 

Simplify your Life with Renegade

If you’re serious about a multi-functional truck accessory, the Riptide pressurized water system is definitely the way to go. The only thing better would be also pairing your truck with a Renegade Cover.

Sorry, we couldn’t help it. It’s just that the Renegade Cover is really too amazing to stay quiet about it. This is a keyless, super secure and weatherproof truck bed cover that’s ready for any challenge. Made of military-grade aluminum, this trifold cover can hold up to 2,000 pounds on top, which breaks open the possibilities for what you can do with your truck. The unlimited tie down points help too (and these ones don’t protrude). 

With Renegade, you’ll be ready to go off-roading, overlanding, kayaking, mountain biking, or skiing like there’s no tomorrow. Take your ATV or snowmobile out, or connect your fifth wheel trailer. Anything is possible with Renegade. So what’s stopping you?

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