Pressurized Water for 4×4

Off-Road Like the Pros

Planning your next off-road adventure? Before you make too many plans, don’t forget to make sure you have all the right accessories for your trip. Of course you need the right vehicle, tires, and attitude, but what else? Learn more about Renegade Covers and the accessories you need for every 4WD adventure, like our pressurized water for 4×4.

Pressurized Water for 4×4

Keeping your truck clean is the first step to protecting your investment. But waiting to find a car wash or until you get home leaves the finish vulnerable to the effects of mud. In fact, it can even corrode the vehicle body, wear down the engine, affect wheel balance, and impact moving parts like steering and brakes.

pressurized water for 4x4

For your vehicle’s well being, and yours, it’s important to have a pressurized water system handy. Renegade offers an incredibly versatile system called the Riptide. Solar heated, it can act as a roadside shower or a hand washing station. You can use it to clean the day’s catch, or to wash sandy feet or muddy paws.

pressure washer for 4x4

Most Important 4×4 Accessory

When you think about off-roading, you might consider off-road bumpers, running boards, a suspension system, lights, and more. But have you considered the importance of a pressurized water system? 

Luckily, the Riptide isn’t just any pressurized water system for your 4×4; it’s customizable to meet your specific needs. For instance, it can be mounted to a truck, car, or side by side, or kept portable. Adjustable pressure even makes it safe for cleaning kids or pets. 

cover for mid size truck
Off Road Tacoma built with Renegade Bed Cover

The Riptide is available in three sizes which hold between 1.4 and 2.2 gallons of water, and is simple to use. Just fill the tank with water, pressurize up to 120 psi, and you’re in business. Thanks to Renegade, you can keep your truck looking new, no matter the grime off-roading poses.

Best Truck Bed Cover for Off-Roading

The only thing better than a Riptide is pairing it with a Renegade Cover. After all, you need the strongest cover on the market to protect whatever you’ll store underneath it.

Plus, this locked truck bed cover will keep everything safe and sound, and protected from the elements, if you venture out from your vehicle. Made of military-grade aluminum, this trifold cover isn’t messing around. It works with just about any roof rack accessory, so bringing your kayak or mountain bike along is simple. And then there’s Renegade Racks, which provide the perfect base for your overlanding setup. 

With Renegade, any 4×4 adventure is possible. All that’s left is for you to place your order.

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