Pressure Washer for 4×4

How to Care for your Quad 

Which grown-up toy is your favorite: 4×4, ATV, off-roader, SxS, UTV, four wheeler, or snowmobile? The best one is the one you’ve got. Keep it that way — not by leaving it parked, but by caring for it well. The first step is a plan to clean it on the go, rather than letting the dirt and muck of your adventures ruin the finish. Lucky for you, Renegade has just what you need, a pressure washer for 4×4 or other toys. 

Pressure Washer for 4X4

An efficient way to clean your 4×4 is the first step to protecting your investment. Rather than tracking down a car wash while you’re on the road, or attempting to use a sponge and bucket, get the accessory made for pressure washing a 4×4.

One of Renegade’s turnkey accessories is the Riptide pressurized water system. It’s just what you need to take care of mud before it gets caked on.

portable pressurized water system

Plus, the Riptide pressure washing system is useful beyond keeping your 4×4 in good shape. Because it’s solar heated, it can act as a roadside shower or a hand washing station. You can even use it to clean fish, wash up after hunting, or to spray off sandy feet after a day at the beach.

Pressure Washer, The Most Important 4×4 Accessory

Perhaps most important of all, the Riptide is good for cleaning muddy paws, to ensure you don’t have to  think twice about having your best bud by your side. 

pressure washer for 4x4

If you prefer to leave man’s best friend at home to nap, the Riptide can be customized to meet any other needs you might have. It can be mounted to a truck, car, or side by side, or kept portable. With an adjustable pressure setting, it’s safe for a variety of uses.

It’s also available in three sizes, which hold between 1.4 and 2.2 gallons of water. Easy to use, you will simply fill the tank with water and pressurize up to 120 psi. You can always count on a Renegade Cover and accessories to provide a high quality experience — the kind where you can’t imagine life before Renegade.

Best Truck Bed Cover for 4×4

The only thing better than a Riptide is pairing it with a Renegade Cover. As the strongest cover in the market, it can easily carry your 4×4, and much more. With plenty of room underneath the truck bed cover, you can pack supplies, gear, and food, without skimping on the good stuff.

ATV on a Tonneau Covers in utah
load bearing ATV tonneau cover.

When you head off-road, your locked truck bed cover will keep everything safe and sound, and protected from any unexpected storms. Made of military-grade aluminum and featuring 8 locking pins, this trifold cover is not to be trifled with. It even coordinates with most accessories, ensuring you’re ready to face any of life’s challenges or opportunities. 

Make any adventure possible with Renegade. Order your Renegade Cover and Riptide pressurized water system today! 

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