How to Waterproof a Tonneau Cover

Water vs. Truck Bed Cover

In your search for how to waterproof tonneau cover, you’ve seen other terms like water-resistant, weather-tight, water-repellant, and more. But it starts to seem like brands are trying to trick you into purchasing a low-performing product. When it comes to a tonneau cover, is it waterproof or bust?

While a waterproof truck bed cover might seem like the ultimate goal, this would simply mean it’s possible to submerge it. Unless you’re not planning on going deep sea diving in your truck, this feature is pretty irrelevant. So what type of protection from the weather is appropriate for your truck bed cover? 

What’s the Difference? 

At first, a cover that is water-repellant might seem just right. After all, this brings to mind a finish that will cause water to bead on it. Before you get too excited, consider this: truck bed covers that claim to be water-repellant may have a special finish, with no special attention paid to the seal at all. This leaves whatever you’re transporting vulnerable to falling rain or splashing mud. 

Wanting to protect bounty, you might be inclined to overcorrect, looking for a product that’s watertight. However, this is a feature focused on ensuring no water could get in (or out). It’s almost too focused on the seal, potential neglecting the durability of the cover itself. 

how to Water Proof tonneau Cover

This brings up the idea of weathertight truck bed covers. While this may sound promising, it is simply highlighting their ability to withstand the pressure of rain and wind. But how much pressure? They never really get around to saying. What’s more, despite having “tight” in common with watertight, something that is weathertight does not have a watertight seal. 

This leaves us with water-resistant, which, in the case of Renegade, describes the tonneau cover’s finish and its seal. Here, water is generally unable to get in, but it’s not a 100% guarantee. When it comes to the Renegade Cover, let us say this: While some small leaks are possible in theory, our users do not report noticing it happening in practice. But still, we want to be honest with you! Our tonneau cover is about 90% there. If that’s not enough for you, don’t fret, we have some ideas for how to make up that last 10%.

How to Waterproof a Tonneau Cover

As you’ll see in the video review below, in intense environments, like a pressurized car wash, water may get in at each of the corners of the truck bed; even so, this is only a few drops. We recommend storing any items that are particularly sensitive away from the corners. 

Water Proof Truck Bed Cover
Water tight Truck Bed Cover

The other place that may leave your truck bed vulnerable is not due to the cover, but the gap where the tailgate meets the bed on the bottom. Adding a gasket sealer here is a great way to keep water and dust from getting into to your truck bed.

A product we love is called truXedo’s truXseal. Not only is it easy to install, but it works with all makes and models of trucks. 

how to waterproof a tonneau cover

Another good option is Storystore’s Self-Adhesive Foam Insulation Tape. Most people just call it weatherstripping, and are used to seeing it around windows or doors. But this product in particular is made of the same material as a surfer’s wetsuit, Neoprene.

Renegade Tonneau Cover or Bust 

At the end of the day, we aren’t going to come out and say the Renegade Cover is perfect, or that it will keep every last drop of water out in every scenario…but it’s pretty darn close. So if you’re looking for an aluminum water-resistant tonneau cover that’s simple to install and highly durable, your search is complete. 

The Renegade Cover can also carry up to 2,000 pounds on top, while protecting whatever you store below, making it one of the most versatile covers on the market. Plus, with a tri-fold design, you can easily access your truck bed without exposing it to the elements.

With Renegade, you’ll find the ultimate tonneau cover, and one that’s ready to take on life’s storms. Plus, thanks to the L-Track system on Renegade’s Tonneau Cover, you will be able to mount most any kind of truck bed accessory to it. So order your cover today, and get back to planning your next great adventure.

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