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The Renegade is built to withstand tough weather climates.  With that said no tonneau cover is 100% waterproof (it’s not a submarine). The Renegade is extremely water-resistant. There are areas on your truck to consider to give the best chance of weather protection. 

  1. Tail Gate Gap. The first place that we recommend considering is the vertical gap from the tailgate into the bed.This has nothing to do with the bed cover.  Customers may experience water seeping in through this gap. Renegade recommends purchasing a window seal from their local hardware store or a tailgate seal online. 
  2. Bed Rale. Some bed rails are not flat and do not engage the seal. This allows water to enter the bed in very small amounts. Customers report that they can go through an automatic car wash with very minimal consequences. Renegade takes no responsibility for damaged equipment due to weather conditions.

You can order right here on the website. Pick the make and model of your truck and we will get to work building your new cover. The cover will then be shipped right to your door.

Renegade Covers manufactures in Utah.  Most of our customers prefer to do their own installation.  If you would like to purchase a cover and have someone else do the install, contact a truck accessory shop near you and we will work with them to do the install.

Yes. We have both solutions in 1 product. 1. For the cycling enthusiast check out the aero bars accessory.

The approximate weights for the covers are:

  • 5 ½’ bed cover 120 lbs
  • 6 ½’ bed cover 135 lbs
  • 8’  bed cover 165 lbs.

Yes, just unlatch all four latches as you fold the cover and lift it off the bed. No Drilling, and no tools required. It removes in seconds.  With the weight of the bed cover Renegade recommends two people to lift off the cover.

About 1-4 hours depending on your truck make and model. This includes the time to take it out of the box, watch the installation video, set the cover on the truck to position it, and place and tighten the wedge lock latch brackets. It’s best to install with 2 people.

It requires a ratchet or wrench to position and tighten six wedge lock latch brackets (6 bolts total). No holes to drill. You can install it yourself if you are a macgyver type. Renegade also sends a step by step video on how to install the cover.

Cover carries a distributed load of 2000 pounds. Please note that truck manufacturers do not publish load bearing capacities of their bed rails—especially aluminum beds so please use caution not to overload your truck rails.

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