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Best Truck Bed Covers for Winter Weather in Utah

When winter hits Utah, truck owners know the drill: icy roads, heavy snowfall, and freezing temperatures. These harsh conditions can wreak havoc on your truck bed and cargo if you’re not properly prepared. That’s where a reliable truck bed cover comes into play. Today, we’re diving into why Renegade Covers is the top choice for winter weather in Utah.

Why Winter Weather Requires a Special Truck Bed Cover

Utah’s winters are no joke. Between the heavy snow in Salt Lake City and the freezing temperatures in Ogden, your truck bed can take a beating. A good truck bed cover isn’t just a luxury; it’s a necessity. Winter conditions can lead to rust, damage, and loss of valuable cargo if your truck bed isn’t properly protected.

F-150 on a dirt road hauling a ATV on a Renegade truck bed cover with mountains

With Renegade Covers, you get a tonneau cover that’s designed to withstand the toughest weather conditions. These covers are engineered to keep out water, snow, dust, and mud, ensuring that your valuables stay safe and dry no matter what Mother Nature throws your way.

Renegade Covers: The Best Choice for Winter Weather

Highly Modular Design

One of the standout features of Renegade Covers is their highly modular design. The integrated L-track system allows you to add and remove accessories without drilling into your cover. Whether you need to secure a payload or customize your setup for a specific task, the L-track system gives you endless options.

This flexibility is a game-changer for anyone who needs to adapt their truck bed for different uses. Whether you’re hauling construction materials or heading out for a weekend of overlanding, you can easily modify your setup to fit your needs.

Superior Security

Security is always a concern, especially when your truck is parked outside in North Salt Lake or any other part of Utah. Renegade Covers boast the most secure tonneau cover on the market. With an eight-pin proprietary locking system, simply locking the tailgate ensures your valuables are safe. No keys needed, and no external locks that can be picked or broken off.

We understand how important it is to keep your belongings safe. Renegade Covers are designed to provide that peace of mind. Our proprietary locking system ensures that your cargo is protected, no matter where you are in Utah.

Weather Tight Performance

Storing valuables in your truck bed during Utah’s winter requires a cover that can handle the elements. Renegade Covers are weather tight, providing resistance to water, snow, dust, and mud. You can store your valuables with confidence, knowing they’ll be protected from whatever the weather throws at you.

Tonneau Cover for any climate

We designed Renegade Covers to withstand the harshest conditions. Whether you’re dealing with heavy snow in George or unexpected rain in Salt Lake, our covers keep your cargo dry and protected.

Durability for Daily Use

Renegade Covers are built for daily abuse in the toughest climates. This isn’t just a cover that looks good on your truck; it’s designed to perform. You can secure a payload to the top and protect your valuables underneath, making it perfect for everyday use.

We know our customers rely on their trucks for various tasks, from work to weekend adventures. That’s why we made sure Renegade Covers can handle whatever you throw at them, day in and day out.

Ideal for Overlanding

If you’re into overlanding, you need a cover that can handle the demands of the adventure. The Renegade Cover is a heavy-duty tonneau cover that serves as the foundation for a customized overlanding setup. It’s built to hold thousands of pounds, yet it’s removable in seconds.

We designed Renegade Covers with overlanding enthusiasts in mind. Our covers offer the perfect blend of durability and flexibility, so you can confidently head out on your next adventure.

Perfect for Construction Trades

For those in the construction industry, the functionality of Renegade Covers is unbeatable. It combines the utility of a flatbed with the security of a box bed, allowing you to stow away tools and materials easily.

Construction Tonneau Cover

Our construction customers appreciate the versatility of Renegade Covers. They provide the functionality needed on the job site, ensuring that tools and materials are always secure and accessible.

Additional Features of Renegade Truck Bed Covers

Weight Bearing Capacity of 2,000 Pounds

Renegade Covers can bear an impressive weight of 2,000 pounds. This makes them perfect for hauling heavy equipment, whether you’re working in construction or planning a big overlanding trip.

Weight Bearing Tonneau Cover

Flexible Folding Options

These covers are more than just a tri-fold design. They fold twice to access two-thirds of your truck bed and fold once from the bulkhead. You can even remove it completely in seconds without any tools, offering maximum flexibility for any situation.

Strongest Trifold Tonneau Cover

Smooth Dual Latch Operation

The dual latch system with a torsion bar makes opening and closing the cover a breeze. This ensures smooth and hassle-free use, even in cold weather when other latches might freeze up or become difficult to operate.

Military and First Responder Discount

At Renegade Covers, we are proud to support our military and first responders. As a token of our appreciation, we offer a special discount to all military personnel and first responders. It’s our way of saying thank you for your service and dedication.

Renegade Cover Coupon

If you’re a member of the military or a first responder, you can enjoy a significant discount on any Renegade Truck Bed Cover. This discount is just one way we aim to give back to those who serve and protect our community. Simply contact our customer service team to learn more about how to claim your discount.

Customer Testimonials and Real-Life Applications

Renegade Covers have received glowing testimonials from truck owners across Utah. From Salt Lake City to Ogden, customers praise the covers for their durability, security, and convenience. Real-life examples include construction workers, overlanding enthusiasts, and everyday users who rely on the covers for their day-to-day activities.


Renegade Truck Bed Covers offer unmatched durability, security, and versatility, making them the perfect choice for winter weather in Utah. Whether you’re braving the snow in Salt Lake City or dealing with freezing temperatures in Ogden, these covers provide the protection you need for your truck bed and cargo.

By choosing a Renegade Cover, you’re not just getting a high-quality product; you’re investing in peace of mind and functionality. Don’t let winter weather catch you off guard – equip your truck with the best tonneau cover on the market.

Ready to experience the benefits of the Renegade Tonneau Cover for yourself? Visit Renegade Covers to explore our wide range of products and find the perfect cover for your truck. For more information or personalized advice, contact our customer service team. Protect your truck bed with the best tonneau cover on the market – choose Renegade Covers today!

Why Renegade Truck Bed Covers Are the Top Choice in Utah

When it comes to protecting your truck bed and cargo, nothing beats a high-quality tonneau cover. If you’re a truck enthusiast or someone who relies on their vehicle for work, you know how essential it is to have a reliable cover. That’s where Renegade Truck Bed Covers come in. Based in Utah, Renegade Covers offers some of the best tonneau covers on the market. Here’s why investing in a Renegade Truck Bed Cover is a smart choice.

Highly Modular Design

Endless Accessory and Tie Down Options

One of the standout features of Renegade Truck Bed Covers is their highly modular design. Thanks to the integrated L-track (Logistics track) system, you can unleash endless accessory and tie-down options. You won’t need to drill into your cover to add or remove accessories. This flexibility is perfect for those who like to customize their truck bed to suit their needs.

Customization and Flexibility

The modular design allows you to tailor your truck bed to various needs, whether for daily use or specialized tasks. Imagine loading up for a camping trip, securing everything with ease, and knowing you can adjust your setup on the fly. The L-track system makes it possible, ensuring your truck bed is as versatile as your lifestyle demands.

L track truck bed cover

Superior Security

Proprietary Locking System

Security is a top concern for truck owners, and Renegade Truck Bed Covers excel in this area. The proprietary locking system secures the cover by simply locking the tailgate. This means no external locks that can be picked or broken off. Just lock the tailgate, and your valuables are safe.

No External Vulnerabilities

With no external locks to worry about, you get peace of mind knowing your truck bed is secure. This system is perfect for those who store valuable tools and equipment in their truck bed. You won’t have to worry about losing keys either, as the keyless system simplifies security.

Most secured truck bed cover

Weather Tight Performance

All-Weather Protection

Utah’s weather can be unpredictable, but with a Renegade Truck Bed Cover, you’re prepared for anything. The cover is resistant to water, snow, dust, and mud, providing all-weather protection for your cargo. Whether you’re heading to the mountains or the desert, your truck bed remains secure and dry.

Reliability in Tough Conditions

No matter the climate, Renegade Truck Bed Covers are built to withstand tough conditions. This durability means you can store your valuables with confidence, knowing they’re protected from the elements. For truck owners in Utah, this feature is invaluable.

Weather tight truck bed cover

Daily Use and Versatility

Designed for Everyday Abuse

Renegade Truck Bed Covers are made for daily use in tough environments. Whether you’re hauling construction materials or securing a payload for a long trip, these covers can handle the abuse. The cover’s ability to secure a payload on top while protecting valuables underneath makes it incredibly versatile.

how much weight can a tonneau cover hold?

Construction and Trade Use

For those in construction or other trades, the Renegade Truck Bed Cover functions as a flatbed while keeping the box bed available for tools. This dual functionality is a game-changer, allowing you to switch between tasks without hassle. It’s perfect for anyone who needs a reliable and adaptable truck bed cover.

Overlanding Capabilities

Foundation for Overlanding Setups

If you’re into overlanding, the Renegade Truck Bed Cover is your foundation for a customized setup. It’s built to hold thousands of pounds yet removable in seconds. This heavy-duty cover supports all your overlanding gear, ensuring you’re ready for any adventure.

Versatile and Robust Design

The strength of the Renegade Truck Bed Cover combined with its easy usability makes it ideal for overlanding. Whether you’re heading off the beaten path or setting up camp, you can rely on your cover to hold up under pressure. Its robust design means you’re prepared for whatever the journey throws at you.

Renegade Tonneau Cover 

Ease of Use

More Than a Tri-Fold Design

The Renegade Truck Bed Cover offers more than a standard tri-fold design. It folds twice to access two-thirds of your truck bed and folds once from the bulkhead. Plus, you can remove it completely in seconds without any tools. This flexibility is perfect for those who need quick and easy access to their truck bed.

Smooth Operation with Torsion Bar

The dual latch operation, facilitated by a torsion bar, ensures smooth and hassle-free use. No more struggling with stubborn latches or misaligned covers. The torsion bar makes securing your truck bed quick and easy, saving you time and effort.

hard trifold truck cover

Sleek and Rugged Appearance

Stylish Design

A Renegade Truck Bed Cover doesn’t just perform well; it looks good too. The bed liner sprayed diamond tread plate gives it a sleek, rugged appearance that complements any truck. It’s tough enough to handle whatever you throw at it while maintaining a stylish look.

Blending Style with Strength

For truck owners who value aesthetics as much as functionality, the Renegade Truck Bed Cover delivers on both fronts. Its stylish design enhances the overall look of your truck while providing the durability needed for tough conditions. You get the best of both worlds with Renegade.

Sleek and Rugged Truck Bed Cover


Best Tonneau Cover for Durability, Security, and Style

The Renegade Truck Bed Cover offers numerous benefits that make it an excellent investment for any truck owner. From its highly modular design and superior security features to its all-weather performance and daily use versatility, this cover meets all your needs. By choosing a Renegade Truck Bed Cover, you’re not only getting a durable and functional product but also adding a touch of style to your truck. Whether you’re a truck enthusiast or someone who relies on their vehicle for work, the Renegade cover is a reliable choice.

Ready to experience the benefits of the Renegade Truck Bed Cover for yourself? Visit Renegade Covers to explore our range of products and find the perfect cover for your truck. For more information or personalized advice, don’t hesitate to contact our customer service team. Protect your truck bed with the best tonneau cover on the market – choose Renegade Covers today!


Truck Top

Looking for a truck top isn’t a job for Facebook Marketplace. This is a longterm investment that affects your day to day life, but also your precious vacation time. Before you make your decision, consider the following crucial features.

Truck Bed Cover Considerations

The best truck top is going to be committed to security and durability, while meeting your any need. This means it needs to be user-friendly and highly functional. 

A traditional truck topper will be more of a pain than an asset. To begin with, you need a keyless security system that doesn’t highlight windows so passersby can see what’s inside. Plus, your new truck bed cover should be easy to remove if necessary; a truck cap will require a few friends and a whole lot of time, energy, and space. 

Renegade Covers review of a toyota Tundra

While you could consider soft truck bed cover (made of vinyl or canvas), or one with fancy features (like a retractable cover), these don’t provide any reliable security and won’t last long. Plastic and fiberglass covers are also less than reliable and user-friendly. In addition, there’s no way to transport anything on top of these models — they simply aren’t strong enough. 

A Topper to Write Home About

If the idea of transporting cargo on top of your truck bed cover peaks your interest, you are in the market for an aluminum bed cover. However, not just any aluminum truck bed cover will do. The best way to avoid a headache and maximize your user experience is to invest in a trifold, military-grade aluminum tonneau cover. None of that aluminum alloy either.

Renegade Tonneau Cover Weight Bearing
cab folding section
truck top

While some covers may seem strong, you need one that is capable of any future passion project or adventure; Renegade isn’t just thinking about today, but what you and your truck might need to do in the future. That’s why it’s capable of holding up to 2,000 pounds on top, ready to help you make a cross-country move, get into ATV-ing, and so much more. 

ATV on a Tonneau Covers in utah
load bearing ATV tonneau cover.

You should also make sure your new cover is weathertight, and that it features keyless security and locking pins that prevent anyone (people or bears) from getting in. After all, this allows you to head out on an adventure or park in a sketchy part of town without worrying about everything stored underneath your new bed cover. 

The Top You and Your Truck Deserve

The choice is clear, Renegade Covers has what you need. This isn’t really surprising, since it was designed with you in mind, and is made especially for your truck year, make, and model in our Utah factory. 

Order yours today and you’ll never look back.

Truck Deck

Escape from the Heat 

If you’re ready to celebrate Christmas in July, there’s a good chance you’re dreaming up your next snowy adventure. It’s the perfect time to order a truck deck that can carry your snowmobile. Most truck bed covers aren’t up to the challenge, but a Renegade Cover isn’t like most truck bed covers. 

Best Truck Deck 2022

Making plans to take on loads of backcountry powder may be just what you need to get through this hot summer. If you want to be ready whenever adventure strikes, you’ll invest in your own snowmobile — and need a way to easily transport it. That’s where Renegade comes in!

With a Renegade Cover, you can transform your truck into a snowmobile truck deck. After all, it can hold up to 2,000 pounds and provides a heavy duty surface perfect for your Ski-Doo, Polaris, or Yamaha. Every sled is different, but the average weight of a snowmobile is about 500 pounds. With Renegade, you can drive with confidence, knowing you can even carry Arctic Cat’s heaviest sled.

truck deck
ATV on Bed Cover

It might seem like a less capable cover would do, but don’t forget to calculate the weight of the snow that may fall on your cover the night before your trip. The last thing you want is to wake up to find your low quality truck bed cover has caved in. With Renegade, you’ll have the highest weight bearing cover, which means you’ll always be ready to make the first tracks.

Snowmobile on Truck Deck

When you load your snowmobile onto Renegade’s truck bed cover, there won’t even be a moment of hesitance. With Renegade, you’ve got a cover made of Military-Grade aluminum, built to withstand tough weather climates.

Spend more time riding and less time worrying about the strength of your truck bed cover. Whether you’re going snow-machining or thinking about taking up another hobby, Renegade’s tonneau cover is the perfect base. It works with just about any truck bed accessory and features 8 locking pins sure to keep whatever’s stored underneath the truck bed cover safe.

skis rack on truck bed cover

This keyless tonneau cover will keep every intruder out – human or bear. This is particularly impressive since the trifold design is so easy for you to use, and folds up efficiently without blocking the view out your rear window.

Using your Truck as a Flat Bed

In the off season, you’ll be able to use your Renegade Cover like a flat bed; these means it’s easier to take care of honey-do projects and try out summer sports, like jet skiing, mountain biking, or kayaking. 

Worlds strongest tonneau cover

Wherever life takes you, Renegade is ready for the challenge. Are you? Order your Renegade Cover today and you’ll be on your way. 

Truck Bed Cover for Hunting

Buck Fever

As you look forward to the next hunting season, make sure this one is better than the rest. This starts with a truck bed cover for hunting. Trust us, this will change everything. 

Pre-Season Preparations 

Your Renegade Cover will not only provide a solid surface to sight your scope, but provide ample room underneath so you’re always ready for the hunt. How else are you going to hit your bag limit? 

truck bed cover for hunting

Don’t take a shotgun approach to your hunting needs, semi-automate it. Adding a truck bed cover to your set up means you have plenty of room to safely store and transport your cooler, extra clothing, blinds, expensive gear, and more.

Transport Game and Guns 

A Renegade Cover makes an overnight trip a breeze, because of all the storage space. But it also helps you make hunting a more regular part of your life. As soon as you get off work for the week, you’ll be able to jump in your truck and head out. 

Less time preparing to hunt, means more time in the great outdoors. Plus, a secure truck bed cover will make it that much easier to head out before or after work, or just for the afternoon. 

tonneau cover for hunting
Sleek Tonneau Cover with Customization

Another option is utilizing your truck bed cover as a means of transporting your four-wheeler. Your truck can only get you so far; bringing the 4×4 along means you can get to even more remote hunting spots. But not just any truck bed cover can handle the weight; be sure your new cover can hold up to 2,000 lbs – the Renegade Cover can. 

truck bed cover for hunting
Accessory Hooks for L-Track

If you’re curious about the True Bolt-Action AR rifle shown throughout these photos, it’s from a Utah local business called Uintah Precision. The Renegade Hooks shown above are perfect for holding your rifle while hunting, holding a trash bag in camp, etc.

Safety First 

Whether you’re into hunting, fishing, or archery, a truck bed cover will change the way you play. For example, if you make a kill early in the day, after field dressing it you’ve got to figure out how to protect it from other animals. Plus, you need to keep it from overheating or getting soaked by any inclement weather. 

An Aluminum trifold truck bed cover
Lockable Aluminum truck cover. A heavy duty design that can haul on top up to 2,000 lbs

With a truck bed cover for hunting, you can pack the deer’s cavity with ice and secure it in your truck bed. Get back to hunt, confident your meat will be safe to eat. 

Plus, if you stop somewhere on the way home, with a Renegade Cover you can be sure your guns and ammo will be secure. Leaving them vulnerable in the cab really isn’t a good option.

Truck Bed Cover for Hunting

Whether you’re looking for small game, like duck, goose, rabbits, or pheasants, or you’ve got your eye on an elk or deer, a truck bed cover for hunting will make all the difference. Each state’s hunting seasons vary, but you can be ready for them all with a Renegade Cover.

A turkey for Thanksgiving dinner may make you proud, but can’t you imagine tying an 8-point buck with a 22 inch spread to the top of your truck bed cover? 

Make all your hunting buddies jealous on the way home and be sure to drive through the main streets of town. Thanks to Renegade, your hunting game will never be the same, and neither will your reputation. 

Hard Truck Bed Cover

Once you’ve decided a hard truck bed cover is the way to go — as compared to a soft truck bed cover — your quest is not complete. Even among hard tonneau covers, no two are the same.

Comparing Materials 

To start, it’s important to narrow down which material is the right one for you and your truck. When it comes to hard tonneau covers, your choice will generally come down to plastic, fiberglass, and aluminum.

hard truck bed cover

However, most plastic and fiberglass covers are single-panel, making them bulky and difficult to remove. While ABS plastic is much lighter than Fiberglass, it lacks the load-bearing strength. In any case, these covers lack the functionality of their counterparts. 

In truth, aluminum blows other materials out of the water. After all, aluminum is both lightweight and strong. Flexible, it can be used in a variety of truck bed cover designs. That said, not all aluminum is made the same; some aluminum covers are sure to let you down if their quality isn’t top notch.

Comparing Models

As mentioned above, one-piece or single-panel truck bed covers lack serious functionality. You might also see retractable and roll-up covers during your search. While these may seem enticing at first, they lack the security of other truck bed covers. In addition, they are not strong enough to carry any weight on top, limiting their usefulness. 

This leaves us with folded truck bed covers. Even within this category, there are many distinguishing characteristics. You might find tri-fold or quad fold models! But it’s crucial to understand how they function. 

Rengade Covers Trifold
hard trifold truck cover

Does each panel fold over onto the others or does it simply open at an angle to grant access? If the former, does it block your view out your back window? The questions go on and on. But, lucky for you, Renegade answers them all. 

Chevy Tonneau Cover
Renegade Cover stands 6″ high when folded.

Hard Truck Bed Cover

With Renegade, you can shop with confidence, knowing that its Military-Grade aluminum isn’t shying away from the fight. In addition, this trifold model has a weight-bearing capacity of 2,000 lbs; you’ll be ready for any load. 

hard truck bed cover

Offering a low-profile tonneau cover, Renegade puts your needs first. That’s why it folds up efficiently and is simple to install (or remove) without a drill. In addition to being user-friendly, it’s the most secure truck bed cover on the market! 

If you’re looking for a high quality hard tonneau cover, the choice is obvious. Once you go Renegade, you’ll never go back. 

Tonneau Cover for Toyota Tundra

The Toyota Tundra is the best-selling full-size pickup truck in the country for good reason. It would be a shame to pair it with anything less than the best accessories. If you have a 2022 Toyota Tundra, you’ve got the toughest, most capable, and most advanced Tundra ever made. Ready for a tonneau cover to match?

Engineered for Adventure

Toyota Tundras have long been hailed for their long-term dependability and low maintenance costs. But they are more than a reliable vehicle, they are ready to take you places you’ve never been. Maybe it’s time to take advantage of that 4×4 action in varied terrain, whether mud, sand, rock, or mogul. After all, the 2022 has an ultra-durable composite bed. 

But wait. What about the gear you have stored in the back of the trunk? Or your cooler? You’ve got this incredible truck, but you’re held back from its true workhorse potential when it’s not paired with an equally strong tonneau cover. Give your Toyota Tundra full rein to do it’s job, don’t hold it back with a subpar tonneau cover. 

Moving Forward

Out of all the accessories on your list, choosing the right truck bed cover is arguably the most important. For example, you need a truck bed cover that’s going to handle any load you want to carry on top of it. 

Did you know the Toyota Tundra has a maximum payload capacity of 1,940 pounds? If you have a Renegade Cover, which can hold up to 2,000 pounds, you can push your truck to its limit! 

Tundra with Renegade

Beyond being heavy duty, your truck bed cover should coordinate with the right racks or overlanding set up, while still being low profile. It’s also important that your new tonneau cover provides maximum security!

Tundra with Renegade


Let’s Go Places

Whether you’ve got a Toyota Tundra, another Toyota model, or another truck altogether, we’ve got the tonneau cover for you. When you add a Renegade Cover to your virtual truck, you’ll select your year, make, and model. Purchase with confidence, knowing your new heavy-duty tonneau cover will fit. 

On the other hand, if your truck isn’t on this list, just reach out to us; we’d be stoked to discuss our cover’s capability on your specific vehicle.

Be ready for the summer of your dreams, order your the best tonneau cover for your Toyota Tundra today!


Aluminum Hard Tonneau Cover

So you’re going to buy a truck bed cover? Congrats! As you weed out the knock-offs and weigh the importance of a long-lasting solution, you’ll probably decide on an aluminum hard tonneau cover. If only that were the end of your search! Unfortunately, there’s so much more to consider. 

What’s the Big Deal? 

When you hear aluminum, you might think of soda cans, window frames, or airplane parts. In each of these scenarios, aluminum is lightweight and strong. However, there’s still a big difference between a can you can crush with your bare hands and an airplane that withstands -70 degree weather. 

Just like aluminum is used in a wide variety of ways, so too do aluminum hard tonneau covers vary.  Unfortunately, some aluminum covers are sure to let you down if their quality isn’t top notch. Pure aluminum, for example, might sound great, but this material lacks a great deal of strength, focusing instead on malleability. 

In terms of truck bed covers, you’ll most likely find aluminum alloys. These are made by melding aluminum with copper, manganese, and more. The most common types of aluminum alloys used in the automobile industry are magnesium and silicon. However, an alloy that adds zinc to the mix is going to be even stronger, and therefore is what the aerospace industry relies on.

Renegade Tonneau Cover
Jeep Gladiator with the Renegade Tonneau Cover

Why Aluminum? 

With Renegade, you can shop with confidence, knowing that its Military-Grade aluminum isn’t shying away from the fight. In addition, with a weight-bearing capacity of 2,000 lbs, you’ll be ready for any load.   

However, you won’t be sacrificing flexibility for all that strength. Rather, with Renegade, you find the perfect combination: a high-quality aluminum hard truck bed cover that will withstand whatever challenges it faces, while being incredibly user friendly.

Plus your aluminum hard tonneau cover will be paired with a factory-applied powder coating, ensuring your new truck bed cover will resist the threat of annoying scratches and more. In addition, at Renegade, we guarantee your new cover will be free of defects in material and workmanship – a perfect product, every time. 

Renegade Tonneau Cover Weight Bearing
cab folding section

Then there’s the fact that aluminum is a recyclable material, making it a much more responsible purchase than its counterparts. When your truck days are over, years and years from now, the aluminum in your hard tonneau cover will still stand strong, ready to be recycled again and again, poised for the next fight. 

That’s a truck bed cover you can rely on. That’s Renegade.

Tonneau Cover for Full Size Trucks

You did it! You waded through all the dealerships, reviews, and opinions about which full size truck to get, and you got it. That may have felt like a full time job, but rest assured, now you can move on to the fun stuff…loading up on all the accessories and gear that will bring your adventurous dreams to life. 

Regardless of which truck you selected, pairing it with the Renegade Tonneau Cover for full size trucks is the way to go. 

Renegade truck bed cover
Cummins Longhorn Ram

Full Steam Ahead

Out of all the accessories on your list, choosing the right truck bed cover is arguably the most important. After all, it’s going to protect your truck bed and anything you store in it! Or…it’s not going to protect it, you’ll be left with a muddy mess — or ruined gear or supplies. 

Give your truck full rein to do it’s job, don’t hold it back with a subpar tonneau cover. 

Glass Half Full

Not convinced? Maybe it’s time for the full-court press. 

The right truck bed cover for full size trucks is going to have maximum security, but also maximum function. That means the ability to coordinate with racks while staying low profile. It also means finding a truck bed cover that’s heavy duty and has a high weight-bearing capacity.

But really, none of this matters if it doesn’t fit. It’s the worst when you think you’ve found a real steal, only to realize it’s not quite a tight fit when you try to throw it on your truck. 

Tonneau cover for full size truck
Cummins Longhorn Ram

With Renegade, you’ll select your make, model, year, and bed length as you add your new tonneau cover to your cart — that way you can be sure the cover fits seamlessly. And don’t forget – you can install it without drilling.  

Best Tonneau Cover for Full Size Trucks

Whether you’ve got a Ram 2500 or 3500, Chevy 2500 or 3500, or a Ford F250 or F350, we have the tonneau cover for your full size truck. We have covers for Midsize trucks as well. And, if your truck isn’t on this list, just reach out to us; we’d be stoked to discuss our cover’s capability on your specific vehicle.

Armed with your new tonneau cover, it’s time to move forward at full throttle in your full-size truck. Don’t be one card shy of a full deck, order your new tonneau cover for your full size truck today! 

Tonneau Cover that can Handle a Snow Load

Whether you’re headed for a mountain adventure in the Uintas or Sierras, or just live in a brutally cold climate, you have to consider the toll of snow load on your truck bed cover. 

Endure the Extreme

It’s not just important to keep your tanks and tires full, you’ve got to stay on top of your battery and wipers. Then there’s winter tires and ensuring the salt doesn’t erode your truck and everything else you own.

Once winter is here, you’ll really have your work cut out for you. They say as a general rule, snow weighs about 20 pounds per cubic foot, Shoveling your driveway is no small feat. But if your truck bed is full of snow too? That could put you over the edge — mentally and physically. 

tonneau cover that can handle a snow load
overlanding truck bed cover
Winter Off Road Rig

Brave the Cold

Truck owners debate the best approach to big snowy loads. Some welcome the extra weight in the back of the truck, excited for the extra traction. But that means they won’t be hauling anything else all winter. 

Others insist on a hardtop or soft shell, but face the trouble of tiny, or large cracks, that let a surprising amount of water in. 

Unfortunately, just like the roof of your house, your truck bed cover may not be designed to withstand very much snow. If one foot becomes two before the first one melts, you’ll be in for 40 pounds of weight, per square foot. 

When thinking about an F-150, for example, you’ve got a truck that comes standard with a 6’7” by 6’7” bed. At nearly 44 cubic feet, just one foot of snow could mean 880 pounds of wear and tear on your truck bed cover. If that second foot of snow comes, this jumps to 1,760 pounds. 

Can your current truck bed cover hold that kind of snow load? Don’t wait till it snows to find out. And by the way, did you know an inch of ice weighs the same as an entire foot of snow?

A Cover That Can Handle a Snow Load

Renegade’s tonneau cover is built to carry a distributed load of up to 2,000 pounds. So if you’re preparing for wintery adventures, or the daily challenges that will take your competition down, make sure Renegade is on your team. Be ready to take on the cold. 

And don’t forget the survival kit! With a tonneau cover that can handle a snow load your truck may be ready…but you’re only human. 

Don’t forget to add L-Track Rubber Track Cover to your cart as well to make sure the ice and snow stay out of your L-Track!

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Renegade Bed Covers

Renegade is the highest-rated heavy-duty tonneau cover. Shop Cover and truck bed accessories. Patented Product

When it comes to protecting your truck bed and its cargo, nothing beats a high-quality tonneau cover. For truck enthusiasts and everyday users alike, the Renegade Tonneau Cover stands out as one of the best options on the market. Here’s why investing in a Renegade Tonneau Cover is worth every penny.


America’s Toughest Cover

Built for Adventure, Overlanding,
Construction, and Daily Use
People Love the Quality, Security, and Versatility

We’ve Got You Covered

Unleash Your Full Potential

America’s Toughest Cover

Built for Adventure, Overlanding,
Construction, and Daily Use
People Love the Quality, Security, and Versatility

We’ve Got You Covered

Unleash Your Full Potential