What is L-Track? 

The Track that Sets Renegade Apart

When you upgrade to a Renegade Cover, you’re investing in the future of your dreams. After all, this tonneau cover is designed to provide total flexibility, whether you use your truck for work or off the beaten path. What is L-Track? Learn more about how the L-Track sets Renegade Covers apart from the competition. 

What is L-Track?

The L-Track was originally designed by the aviation industry, as a secure track that airline seats could clip into. But the Aircraft Track or Airline Track was just the beginning. In fact, you’ve probably enjoyed the diverse applications of L-Track systems ore than you think. For example, if you’ve had a package delivered in a cargo van or admired a friend’s Sprinter van conversion, L-Tracks made that possible. 

After all, heavy-duty aluminum L-Track rails are a powerful way to secure even the heaviest loads. This versatile tie down system is compatible with everything from ratchet straps to hooks, hangers, fittings, and studded ring clips and bolts. 

The Super-Connector 

Also known as the Logistic Track, the L-Track ensures you’re prepared to take on any challenge. Since you can create custom tie-downs with this system, you’ll be able to secure cargo from any angle. So whether you’re transporting a pallet or ATV, or you’re heading out of town like The Beverly Hillbillies, your Renegade Cover’s integrated L-Track is the key to success.

tie down for L-track

Renegade is all about providing support, stability, and security you can rely on. The L-Track’s many securement points are just one way Renegade aims to make your personal and professional life better. In fact, we’re confident your only regret will be not buying a Renegade Cover sooner. 

Important L-Track Features 

Sleek, lightweight, and low-profile, the L-Track also has unlimited potential. In addition, Renegade’s entire truck bed cover, including the L-Track, is durable, water-resistant, and resists corrosion; nothing can get in the way of you and the journey ahead. 

Plus, since it’s all-in-one, there won’t be any need to drill into your truck rails or cover — ever. Installing your Renegade Cover is straightforward and doesn’t require a drill. But because of this system, you’ll be able to add or remove countless accessories without causing permanent damage. It’s just one more way Renegade is looking out for you. 

Part of Every Renegade Cover 

If you require total flexibility, the Renegade Cover is what you’ve been looking for. A truck’s potential is incredible, but with a Renegade Cover and its integrated L-Track, you’ll be unstoppable. Order online today, or contact our team to learn more about the strongest truck bed cover in the industry.

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