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Best Truck Bed Covers for Winter Weather in Utah

When winter hits Utah, truck owners know the drill: icy roads, heavy snowfall, and freezing temperatures. These harsh conditions can wreak havoc on your truck bed and cargo if you’re not properly prepared. That’s where a reliable truck bed cover comes into play. Today, we’re diving into why Renegade Covers is the top choice for winter weather in Utah.

Why Winter Weather Requires a Special Truck Bed Cover

Utah’s winters are no joke. Between the heavy snow in Salt Lake City and the freezing temperatures in Ogden, your truck bed can take a beating. A good truck bed cover isn’t just a luxury; it’s a necessity. Winter conditions can lead to rust, damage, and loss of valuable cargo if your truck bed isn’t properly protected.

F-150 on a dirt road hauling a ATV on a Renegade truck bed cover with mountains

With Renegade Covers, you get a tonneau cover that’s designed to withstand the toughest weather conditions. These covers are engineered to keep out water, snow, dust, and mud, ensuring that your valuables stay safe and dry no matter what Mother Nature throws your way.

Renegade Covers: The Best Choice for Winter Weather

Highly Modular Design

One of the standout features of Renegade Covers is their highly modular design. The integrated L-track system allows you to add and remove accessories without drilling into your cover. Whether you need to secure a payload or customize your setup for a specific task, the L-track system gives you endless options.

This flexibility is a game-changer for anyone who needs to adapt their truck bed for different uses. Whether you’re hauling construction materials or heading out for a weekend of overlanding, you can easily modify your setup to fit your needs.

Superior Security

Security is always a concern, especially when your truck is parked outside in North Salt Lake or any other part of Utah. Renegade Covers boast the most secure tonneau cover on the market. With an eight-pin proprietary locking system, simply locking the tailgate ensures your valuables are safe. No keys needed, and no external locks that can be picked or broken off.

We understand how important it is to keep your belongings safe. Renegade Covers are designed to provide that peace of mind. Our proprietary locking system ensures that your cargo is protected, no matter where you are in Utah.

Weather Tight Performance

Storing valuables in your truck bed during Utah’s winter requires a cover that can handle the elements. Renegade Covers are weather tight, providing resistance to water, snow, dust, and mud. You can store your valuables with confidence, knowing they’ll be protected from whatever the weather throws at you.

Tonneau Cover for any climate

We designed Renegade Covers to withstand the harshest conditions. Whether you’re dealing with heavy snow in George or unexpected rain in Salt Lake, our covers keep your cargo dry and protected.

Durability for Daily Use

Renegade Covers are built for daily abuse in the toughest climates. This isn’t just a cover that looks good on your truck; it’s designed to perform. You can secure a payload to the top and protect your valuables underneath, making it perfect for everyday use.

We know our customers rely on their trucks for various tasks, from work to weekend adventures. That’s why we made sure Renegade Covers can handle whatever you throw at them, day in and day out.

Ideal for Overlanding

If you’re into overlanding, you need a cover that can handle the demands of the adventure. The Renegade Cover is a heavy-duty tonneau cover that serves as the foundation for a customized overlanding setup. It’s built to hold thousands of pounds, yet it’s removable in seconds.

We designed Renegade Covers with overlanding enthusiasts in mind. Our covers offer the perfect blend of durability and flexibility, so you can confidently head out on your next adventure.

Perfect for Construction Trades

For those in the construction industry, the functionality of Renegade Covers is unbeatable. It combines the utility of a flatbed with the security of a box bed, allowing you to stow away tools and materials easily.

Construction Tonneau Cover

Our construction customers appreciate the versatility of Renegade Covers. They provide the functionality needed on the job site, ensuring that tools and materials are always secure and accessible.

Additional Features of Renegade Truck Bed Covers

Weight Bearing Capacity of 2,000 Pounds

Renegade Covers can bear an impressive weight of 2,000 pounds. This makes them perfect for hauling heavy equipment, whether you’re working in construction or planning a big overlanding trip.

Weight Bearing Tonneau Cover

Flexible Folding Options

These covers are more than just a tri-fold design. They fold twice to access two-thirds of your truck bed and fold once from the bulkhead. You can even remove it completely in seconds without any tools, offering maximum flexibility for any situation.

Strongest Trifold Tonneau Cover

Smooth Dual Latch Operation

The dual latch system with a torsion bar makes opening and closing the cover a breeze. This ensures smooth and hassle-free use, even in cold weather when other latches might freeze up or become difficult to operate.

Military and First Responder Discount

At Renegade Covers, we are proud to support our military and first responders. As a token of our appreciation, we offer a special discount to all military personnel and first responders. It’s our way of saying thank you for your service and dedication.

Renegade Cover Coupon

If you’re a member of the military or a first responder, you can enjoy a significant discount on any Renegade Truck Bed Cover. This discount is just one way we aim to give back to those who serve and protect our community. Simply contact our customer service team to learn more about how to claim your discount.

Customer Testimonials and Real-Life Applications

Renegade Covers have received glowing testimonials from truck owners across Utah. From Salt Lake City to Ogden, customers praise the covers for their durability, security, and convenience. Real-life examples include construction workers, overlanding enthusiasts, and everyday users who rely on the covers for their day-to-day activities.


Renegade Truck Bed Covers offer unmatched durability, security, and versatility, making them the perfect choice for winter weather in Utah. Whether you’re braving the snow in Salt Lake City or dealing with freezing temperatures in Ogden, these covers provide the protection you need for your truck bed and cargo.

By choosing a Renegade Cover, you’re not just getting a high-quality product; you’re investing in peace of mind and functionality. Don’t let winter weather catch you off guard – equip your truck with the best tonneau cover on the market.

Ready to experience the benefits of the Renegade Tonneau Cover for yourself? Visit Renegade Covers to explore our wide range of products and find the perfect cover for your truck. For more information or personalized advice, contact our customer service team. Protect your truck bed with the best tonneau cover on the market – choose Renegade Covers today!

5 Benefits of Using a Renegade Tonneau Cover

When it comes to protecting your truck bed and its cargo, nothing beats a high-quality tonneau cover. For truck enthusiasts and everyday users alike, the Renegade Tonneau Cover stands out as one of the best options on the market. Here’s why investing in a Renegade Tonneau Cover is worth every penny.

1. Unmatched Durability and Load Capacity

Durable Tonneau Cover with Impressive Weight Bearing Capacity

One of the most impressive features of the Renegade Tonneau Cover is its weight-bearing capacity of 2,000 pounds. That’s right – you can load up your truck bed with heavy equipment, camping gear, or even an ATV without worrying about the cover buckling under the weight.

Tonneau Cover with ATV

For those who use their truck for heavy-duty tasks, the Renegade Tonneau Cover offers the strength and durability needed to handle substantial loads with ease. Its robust construction ensures that your truck bed can accommodate heavy items without compromising the cover’s integrity.

2. Convenience and Ease of Use

Easy to Use Tonneau Cover with Versatile Folding Options

The Renegade Tonneau Cover is more than just a tri-fold design. It folds twice to give you access to two-thirds of your truck bed and folds once from the bulkhead. Plus, you can remove it completely in seconds without any tools. This feature is a lifesaver when you need to quickly switch from covered storage to full bed access.

Strongest Trifold Tonneau Cover

Whether you’re transporting large items or simply need quick access to your truck bed, the Renegade Tonneau Cover’s flexible design makes it incredibly convenient. The ability to fold and remove the cover without tools ensures that you can adapt to different needs effortlessly.

Torsion Bar for Dual Latch Operation

The dual latch system with a torsion bar makes opening and closing the cover a breeze. No more struggling with stubborn latches or misaligned covers. The torsion bar ensures smooth operation every time.

Torsion Bar Technology for Tonneau Cover

For those in a hurry or dealing with frequent loading and unloading, the dual latch system guarantees a hassle-free experience. The torsion bar provides reliable performance, making it easy to secure or access your truck bed quickly.

3. Enhanced Security

Secure Tonneau Cover with Superior Protection

Security is a top priority when it comes to truck bed covers, and the Renegade Tonneau Cover excels in this area. It features eight pins that secure the cover to the truck, which is twice the security of the leading competitor. This gives you peace of mind knowing your belongings are well-protected.

Tonneau Cover Security

Keyless Locking System

Another fantastic feature is the keyless locking system. You won’t have to worry about losing keys or dealing with external locks that can be picked or broken off. Access is only possible from inside the truck bed, adding an extra layer of security.

For those who store valuable tools and equipment in their truck bed, the Renegade Tonneau Cover’s security features are essential. The keyless locking system and internal access points provide maximum protection against theft, ensuring that your belongings remain safe and secure.

4. Versatility and Compatibility

Versatile Tonneau Cover with 5th Wheel Compatibility

If you use a 5th wheel hitch, the Renegade Tonneau Cover has you covered. It’s designed to be compatible with 5th wheel setups, so you don’t have to sacrifice the security and protection of your truck bed cover.

weight bearing tonneau cover

Universal L-Track for Customization

The Universal L-Track system is another feature that adds versatility. Whether you need to secure cargo or attach accessories, the L-Track provides endless possibilities for customization.

L Track

For those who require a customizable truck bed setup, the Universal L-Track system offers the flexibility to secure various types of cargo and attach necessary accessories. This feature ensures that your truck bed can be tailored to suit your specific requirements.

5. Sleek and Rugged Design

Stylish Tonneau Cover with Rugged Aesthetics

Last but not least, the Renegade Tonneau Cover looks as good as it performs. The bed liner sprayed diamond tread plate gives it a sleek, rugged appearance that complements any truck. It’s tough enough to handle whatever you throw at it while maintaining a stylish look.

Sleek Rugged Design for Tonneau Cover

Those who value aesthetics as much as functionality will find the Renegade Tonneau Cover delivers on both fronts. Its stylish design enhances the overall look of your truck while providing the durability needed for tough conditions.


Best Tonneau Cover for Durability, Security, and Style

The Renegade Tonneau Cover offers numerous benefits that make it an excellent investment for any truck owner. From its impressive weight-bearing capacity and ease of use to its superior security features and versatile design, this cover is designed to meet all your needs.

By choosing a Renegade Tonneau Cover, you’re not only getting a durable and functional product but also adding a touch of style to your truck. Whether you’re a truck enthusiast or someone who relies on their vehicle for work, the Renegade cover is a reliable choice.

Snowmobile on a truck cover
Ready to experience the benefits of the Renegade Tonneau Cover for yourself? Visit Renegade Covers to explore our range of products and find the perfect cover for your truck. For more information or personalized advice, don’t hesitate to contact our customer service team. Protect your truck bed with the best tonneau cover on the market – choose Renegade Covers today!

Last Minute Christmas Gift

Looking for a last minute Christmas gift that’s sure to knock your husband or dad’s socks off? We’ve got just the thing, and don’t worry, it’s not a brand new car.

Wrap it Up with a Big Red Bow

Let’s face it, it’s completely unreasonable to purchase a new vehicle for someone for Christmas. All these “car as a gift ad” are completely unreasonable. Whether it’s GM’s Holiday Ride Chevrolet ad or one from Ford, Ram, Toyota, Nissan, or Honda, obnoxious holiday advertisements make for a December to Remember, but not in a good way.

The Christmas Gift He Really Wants

Your guy probably already has a truck he loves anyway. It might just be missing a key accessory to take things up a notch. That’s where Renegade Covers comes in. Although, to be honest, this won’t just take your truck up a notch — it will launch the start of a new year where anything is possible.

How Renegade Helps You

Your whole household will benefit from a Renegade Tonneau Cover. It’s not just that it will help get honey-do projects done. After all, there’s probably too much stuff currently rolling around in the truck bed to take an old mattress to the dump, move furniture, pick up construction supplies for your latest project, or load up your new washer. With a Renegade Cover, those things can go on top, leaving no excuse behind.

best load bearing tonneau cover 2022

What’s more, a Renegade Cover for Christmas means you’ll be able to prioritize family adventures in the coming year. This cover makes it easy to lock climbing gear, skis, and more in a safe, secure place — ready to use at the drop of the hat. It can also hide a fifth wheel hitch, meaning you can hook up and remove your trusty trailer easily, without having to dedicate your whole truck bed to it. Instead, you can flip your cover closed and throw kayaks, an ATV, or snowmobile up there and get back to the adventure.

2022’s Top Christmas Gift

This year, let us do the Christmas shopping for you: get a Renegade Cover. Now, if you already have a Renegade Cover, don’t worry. You can always add Reneagde Racks or Aero Bars, Headache Bars, or a Riptide pressurized water system this Christmas.

Wishing you and your loved ones a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year.

What is the Best Tonneau Cover?

What Dreams are Made of

In your quest to answer the question, “What’s the Best Tonneau Cover?” you have come across DiamondBack, Paragon, Truxedo, Leer, and BakFlip. But what if there were a small business made up of hard working guys who got into the business because they were so dissatisfied with the tonneau covers already on the market? 

Worlds strongest tonneau cover

Renegade Covers has the best tonneau cover design because it’s made by truck-owners, for truck-owners. Whether your truck is for construction work, projects around the house, or transporting your ATV, dirt bike, kayaks, or mountain bike, we’ve got the best truck bed cover money can buy. 

The Renegade Difference

The truck bed cover industry has exploded with options for how to address the problem an open truck bed poses. But none come close to Renegade’s innovative solution.

tonneau cover for ram 2500

As a military-grade aluminum, tri-fold cover, it folds up easily without blocking your view out the back. It’s simple to install and remove, though we can’t imagine why you’d ever want to take it off. Another option is doing a little road trip to our factory in Utah and having your custom-made cover professionally installed for free! 

In any case, the Renegade Cover is a top-rated truck bed cover that fits like a dream. It maximizes security and function, and is built to last. This means it doesn’t blink at the threat of wind, rain, dust, or mud. 

What’s the Best Tonneau Cover to Buy?

At the end of the day, the best truck bed cover is going to be the one that’s flexible to meet even your un-anticipated needs. The truth is this: you would be hard-pressed to find a cover that’s as flexible as the Renegade. 

how much weight can a tonneau cover hold?

After all, you can use your cover for the daily grind, then safely store items underneath the ultra-secure, 8 locking-pin design while you go play. It works with just about any accessory, and Renegade also has some options to make your life even easier. 

But the sheer strength of the Renegade Cover also contributes to its flexibility; able to carry up to 2,000 pounds on top, you can transport just about anything you need in the bed, and also on top of the cover. You never know what you’re going to need to move – or where you’re going to need to go. Get a truck bed cover that’s ready for whatever challenge lies ahead.

what is the best tonneau cover
ATV on the Bed Cover and Hauling a Camper.JPG

Ride into the Sunset with the Best Tonneau Cover

Invest in the best tonneau cover, the most flexible tonneau cover, the truck bed cover of your dreams! Order your Renegade Cover today by choosing your truck make, model, year, and bed length during check out. 

Whether you’ve got a light or medium duty pickup truck, whether it’s mid-size, full-size, or heavy-duty, we’ve got the cover for you. Don’t see your model listed online? Contact us to find out more about your future tonneau cover. 

Tonneau Cover for Chevrolet Silverado 2500

Ultimate Work Truck Tonneau Cover

The Chevrolet brand from GM is obsessed with the 2022 Chevy Silverado. Who isn’t? Just imagine the potential of the Silverado when paired with a Renegade Cover. The Renegade Cover is a perfectly fitted tonneau cover for Chevrolet Silverado.

Chevrolet Silverado Trucks are Capable

durable truck bed cover
Pallet on top of cover

Chevy is an all-American brand, known for longevity and safety. But the new Silverados are also quieter, smoother, and more fuel efficient than their predecessors. Plus, like a true Chevy, they have proven power and capability. With either a 6.6L gas engine or a Duramax® 6.6L Turbo-Diesel V8 engine, your Silverado is ready for any challenge. 

If you’re planning to head off the beaten path, you can even upgrade to off-road suspension. Other interesting upgrades include Multi-Flex Tailgate, EZ-Lift and Lower Tailgate, and EZ-Lift Power Lock and Release Tailgate. 

tonneau cover for chevrolet silverado
5th Wheel towing

Whichever one’s right for you, your truck bed will be secure as soon as you close the tailgate – if it’s topped with a Renegade Cover. Not just any truck bed cover provides this level of security; after all, no other cover as as many locking pins as Renegade.

Tonneau Cover Coverage You Can Count On

The Chevrolet Silverado 2500 is a durable heavy-duty truck, and it deserves a tonneau cover of the same quality. While the spacious cabin and truck bed (83.5 cubic feet), you might think you’re good on storage. Think again. 

The Silverado has a payload capacity close to 4,000 pounds, so pairing it with anything less than the sturdiest truck bed cover isn’t going to look quite right. Take Paragon (which can only handle 300lbs) or a DiamondBack (which tops out at 1,600lbs) for example. 

how much weight can a tonneau cover hold?

Your Chevy Silverado, when outfitted with a Renegade Cover, will be able to hold up to 2,000 pounds on top of the truck bed cover. Once you unlock the potential of utilizing the space on top of your truck bed cover, you’ll never go back. 

weight bearing tonneau cover
The Renegade is not phased by an ATV on top

With a load bearing truck bed cover, you’ll be set free to transport items on top and underneath it. This means brining your ATV, snowmobile, kayaks, or mountain bikes along for the ride, without using up all of your truck bed space. Use the Renegade Aero Bars to attach common universal racks to the Renegade L-track.

bike on truck bed

Choose Chevrolet, Choose Renegade

You need a tonneau cover for your Chevrolet Silverado that’s up to snuff. Besides, according to Kelly Blue Book, the Silverado has one of the Best Resale Values out there. Its value only increases with a Renegade Cover.

Make the most out of your Chevrolet Silverado by pairing it with a reliable and strong tonneau cover that can resist snow, mud, rain, wind, and dust. Nothing compares to the strength and flexibility that the American-made Renegade Cover offers. Order yours today.

Most Secure Truck Bed Cover

The benefits of a truck bed cover are almost overwhelming. Not only do they look good, they contribute to improved gas mileage. If you select a high quality truck bed cover, it will protect your cargo from the elements and provide added functionality — like allowing you to transport items both underneath and on top of the cover. But perhaps the most important feature of all is security. To make sure you get the most secure truck bed cover, consider the following: 

Designed to be a Secure Bed Cover

The Renegade Cover provides enhanced security from the start, being constructed out of military-grade aluminum. Soft covers leave the contents of your truck vulnerable to the elements, as well as a passerby with a knife. 

hard trifold truck cover

But lower quality hard covers are also insufficient. After all, if they don’t have a sturdy seal, water will be let in. Plus they could crack under the sun’s rays or the pressure of anything placed on top. Renegade Covers have a durable P-seal to keep out water and other elements.

Most secure tuck bed cover

In terms of serious security, the biggest differentiator for Renegade Cover owners are the locking pins. For example, DiamondBack covers have a total of 4 locking pins across the entire truck bed. Renegade, on the other hand, keeps the cover secured to the truck bed with twice as many locking pins. With 8 pins, your new truck bed cover isn’t going to be pried open by even the strongest assailant.

Maximum Security and Function

Even a secure truck bed cover should be simple to open and close. Building on its unique, patented design, Renegade maximizes the security of its locked truck bed cover without compromising usability. 

The Renegade Cover is a tri-fold tonneau cover, allowing quick access without exposing the whole truck bed to the elements. Also, if you need to remove your Renegade Cover, you can do so quickly and without the use of tools.

hard truck bed cover

Also, with Renegade, you have a keyless security mechanism. A lock and key leaves you vulnerable in more ways than one. But we believe you deserve security built into the hardware of your truck bed cover. You can trust your Renegade Tonneau Cover to be secure as soon as you close your tailgate. 

Most Secure Truck Bed Cover 

If you think you might be able to get away without a truck bed cover, think again. Protecting your belongings with a truck cover is a must to avoid theft, damage, and accidents. Finding the most secure cover can prevent serious concerns like crime, as well as frustrating inconveniences, like things falling out while driving. 

tonneau cover for ram 2500

Without a secure tonneau cover, your food, gear, and supplies will be vulnerable to the wrath of nature, greed of a passerby, and hunger of wild animals. Luckily, Renegade has built a robust locked truck bed cover to help you focus on what matters most, not wondering if your belongings are safe. 

Invest in Security Today 

Renegade offers a heavy-duty tonneau cover for your truck that takes security seriously. And if there’s one thing you want to prioritize, isn’t it security? 

Whether you’re around town with expensive tools in tow or headed camping with your favorite gear, peace of mind is invaluable. Order your Renegade Cover today, and get back to work – or your next adventure. 

Tonneau Cover for Ram 2500

Since 1900, Dodge has been providing vehicles to America. When Ram split off in 2010, the company dedicated itself to highly capable, luxury trucks. Now, thanks to Renegade, there’s a perfectly paired tonneau cover for the Ram 2500. 

Get the Job Done with Ram 2500

Whether you chose a Ram 2500 because of its potential as a work or family vehicle, it’s a massive investment in your future. With a maximum towing capacity of 20,000 pounds and the ability to take on 3,160 in payload, your new truck is ready to haul serious loads.

Ram 2500 tonneau cover

What can’t you put on a Renegade?

If you make the mistake of pairing your Ram with a less-than capable tonneau cover, it’s going to look out of place. What’s the point of a Paragon cover if it can only hold 300lbs? Even a DiamondBack isn’t up to the task, topping out at 1,600lbs. Your truck deserves a heavy-duty cover that’s up to the challenge.

Show your Game Face

Your Ram 2500, when outfitted with a Renegade Cover, will be able to hold up to 2,000 pounds on top of the truck bed cover. Once you unlock the potential of utilizing the space on top of your truck bed cover, you’ll never go back. 

tonneau cover for ram 2500

A tonneau cover will be especially important if you select a Ram truck with integrated towing hardware. After all, this will allow you to transport items on top and underneath it. Make sure you are ready to use your full-size quarter ton pickup truck to its fullest potential.

Choose your Beast

Whether you have a Ram 2500 or another large heavy-duty pickup, Renegade is ready with the cover of your dreams. It’s got what you need in terms of security, flexibility, and durability. In fact, it can even resist snow, mud, rain, wind, and dust.

Make the most out of your Ram 2500 by pairing it with a strong and reliable truck bed cover. And then, add on whatever accessories float your boat – from Aero Bars to Renegade Racks or Headache Racks. Renegade has designed truck bed cover accessories with you and your passions in mind.

pick up truck cover overlanding setup

Renegade Tonneau Cover for Ram 2500

Now make it yours. All that’s left to do is figure out where you’re going to take your Ram 2500 first. The hardware store or to the Uintas for a mountain getaway? 

Whatever your plan is, with a Renegade Cover your truck will be ready to take on even unpredictable situations. Renegade is waiting. Order a Renegade tonneau cover for your Ram 2500 today!


Tonneau Cover for Toyota Tundra

The Toyota Tundra is the best-selling full-size pickup truck in the country for good reason. It would be a shame to pair it with anything less than the best accessories. If you have a 2022 Toyota Tundra, you’ve got the toughest, most capable, and most advanced Tundra ever made. Ready for a tonneau cover to match?

Engineered for Adventure

Toyota Tundras have long been hailed for their long-term dependability and low maintenance costs. But they are more than a reliable vehicle, they are ready to take you places you’ve never been. Maybe it’s time to take advantage of that 4×4 action in varied terrain, whether mud, sand, rock, or mogul. After all, the 2022 has an ultra-durable composite bed. 

But wait. What about the gear you have stored in the back of the trunk? Or your cooler? You’ve got this incredible truck, but you’re held back from its true workhorse potential when it’s not paired with an equally strong tonneau cover. Give your Toyota Tundra full rein to do it’s job, don’t hold it back with a subpar tonneau cover. 

Moving Forward

Out of all the accessories on your list, choosing the right truck bed cover is arguably the most important. For example, you need a truck bed cover that’s going to handle any load you want to carry on top of it. 

Did you know the Toyota Tundra has a maximum payload capacity of 1,940 pounds? If you have a Renegade Cover, which can hold up to 2,000 pounds, you can push your truck to its limit! 

Tundra with Renegade

Beyond being heavy duty, your truck bed cover should coordinate with the right racks or overlanding set up, while still being low profile. It’s also important that your new tonneau cover provides maximum security!

Tundra with Renegade


Let’s Go Places

Whether you’ve got a Toyota Tundra, another Toyota model, or another truck altogether, we’ve got the tonneau cover for you. When you add a Renegade Cover to your virtual truck, you’ll select your year, make, and model. Purchase with confidence, knowing your new heavy-duty tonneau cover will fit. 

On the other hand, if your truck isn’t on this list, just reach out to us; we’d be stoked to discuss our cover’s capability on your specific vehicle.

Be ready for the summer of your dreams, order your the best tonneau cover for your Toyota Tundra today!


GMC Sierra 2500 Tonneau Cover

Your GMC Sierra 2500 isn’t built to sit in the garage, but to enjoy the open road. With blue skies ahead and salty sunflower seeds in the cupholder, all your worries fade away. That is…if you have a Renegade tonneau cover over the truck bed. 

We are Professional Grade

As a brand, GMC is known for is its long history of manufacturing trucks, having been a leader in innovation and engineering since 1902! 

The Sierra 2500HD is a highly capable heavy-duty truck, and it deserves a tonneau cover of the same quality. After all, before considering an off-road trip, you need to know whatever stored in the truck bed is going to be safe. 

Most Secure Tonneau Cover
Cover release lever

Security is also a concern when you’re around town, so make sure to invest in a locking truck bed cover. That doesn’t mean a lock and key, but a cover that’s secure as soon as you close the tailgate, and one with plenty of locking pins.

The Strength of Experience 

With a payload capacity of up to 3,900 pounds, it’s a joke to think about adding a Paragon (which can only handle 300lbs) or a DiamondBack (which tops out at 1,600lbs) to your Sierra 2500. You need a truly heavy-duty cover, and for that, you’ve come to the right place.

GMC Sierra 2500 tonneau cover

When outfitted with a Renegade Cover, your GMC Sierra 2500 will hold up to 2,000 pounds on top! Once you unlock the potential of utilizing the space on top of your truck bed cover, you’ll never go back. 

GMC Sierra with Renegade
GMC Sierra with Renegade

With a load bearing truck bed cover, you’ll be set free to transport items on top and underneath it. This kind of flexibility releases you from any kind of buyer’s remorse. You can be sure that your Renegade Cover is ready to meet whatever challenge is ahead. 

Like a Pro

Maybe you’re planning a hunting trip in Montana or a getaway to the Oregon Coast; plan away, because your new Renegade Cover is ready to take on even unpredictable situations. 

Make the most out of your GMC Sierra 2500 by using a reliable and strong truck bed cover that can resist snow, mud, rain, wind, and dust.

If you want a tonneau cover for your GMC Sierra 2500 that you can rely on, order your Renegade Cover today.

Top 10 Tonneau Covers in 2022

When investing in a truck bed cover, you don’t want just any tonneau cover, but the one that is highest rated and most trusted. Instead of trying to navigate countless websites, consider this, the Top Ten Best Tonneau Covers of 2022.

10. Trident FastTrack Retractable Truck Bed Tonneau Cover

If you’re looking for a retractable cover, the Trident FastTrack might be the way to go. It is good quality, made of low weight, yet strong aluminum. Plus, it is said to be one of the easiest retractable covers to install! This is Trident’s flagship cove and, as a flush mounted canister cover, it comes in at just over $1,000. 

9. Undercover Elite Truck Bed Tonneau Cover

A hinged, fiberglass tonneau cover is another option, especially if you consider the Undercover EliteTonneau. One cool feature is the LED light! At just over $1,200, this truck bed cover can handle 500 pounds of evenly distributed weight, while only weighing about 70 pounds.

8. BAK Revolver X2 Tonneau Cover

Bak has your back if you’re looking for a rolling truck bed cover, because, unlike typical vinyl rolling covers, Bak offers an industrial-strength aluminum cover. It boasts an automatic slam latch which operates from either side, as well as an easy clamp-on installation. This model starts at $950.

7. Pace Edwards Switchblade Truck Bed Cover

The Switchblade from Pace Edwards by LEER is another option for a retractable tonneau. It is uniquely padded, creating a soft-cover look, and has a convenient pull strap. This model is designed specifically for crew-cab, extra-short-bed trucks, and is priced at just over $1,000. 

6. Leer HF650M Hard Folding Tonneau Cover

This tri-fold hard cover has a flush mount design and boasts a unique latching system that allows for easy opening with just two fingers from either side of the truck bed. Drill-free installation is another key aspect. With a 450 lb capacity, it comes in at about $1,500. 

5. TonnoPro Tri-Fold Soft Tonneau Cover

A soft tri-folding cover is another way to go if you’re looking for a cheaper option. With vinyl on top and a frame underneath, this clamp-on, clamp-off installation system is a solid choice. Starting at $295, TonnoPro is offering a distinct option. 

4. BakFlip G2 Tonneau Cover

Unlike some of these other options, the BakFlip G2 includes its own rails that have an integrated channel to drains water away from the cover and out of your truck bed through plastic tubes. With a 300 lb. weight bearing capacity, this hard, folding truck bed cover comes in at about $1,000. 

3. TruXedo TruXport Soft Roll-up Dual Latch Tonneau Cover

Taking things in another direction, the Truxedo TruXport uses a high-grade velcro style material to connect to your truck. This top mount design sits 1.5″ above the truck bed and is made of leather grain fabric. With a 5 year warranty, your investment will start at $299. 

2. BakFlip MX4 Tonneau Cover

Unlike other folding options, the MX4 features four panels. This quad-fold design is made of aluminum and can hold up to 400 distributed pounds. Like the G2, the MX4 rails have integrated channels to direct water away from your truck bed. This truck bed cover features a string latch release and a bolt-on installation. It could be yours for about $1,100. 

1. Renegade Cover

It’s no secret that we’re partial to the Renegade Cover. But the facts also speak for themselves. Not only does it hold the title of the strongest tonneau cover in the industry, boasting a load capacity of 2,000 lbs, its military-grade aluminum isn’t going to let you down.

Rengade Covers Trifold

With a tri-fold design and a variety of accessories that will outfit you for any adventure or task, the Renegade tonneau cover is weather-tight and secure against unwanted entry. While prices start at $2,395, with the Renegade Cover, you’re going to make a one-time purchase that will serve all of your current or future goals. 

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Renegade Bed Covers

Renegade is the highest-rated heavy-duty tonneau cover. Shop Cover and truck bed accessories. Patented Product

When it comes to protecting your truck bed and its cargo, nothing beats a high-quality tonneau cover. For truck enthusiasts and everyday users alike, the Renegade Tonneau Cover stands out as one of the best options on the market. Here’s why investing in a Renegade Tonneau Cover is worth every penny.


America’s Toughest Cover

Built for Adventure, Overlanding,
Construction, and Daily Use
People Love the Quality, Security, and Versatility

We’ve Got You Covered

Unleash Your Full Potential

America’s Toughest Cover

Built for Adventure, Overlanding,
Construction, and Daily Use
People Love the Quality, Security, and Versatility

We’ve Got You Covered

Unleash Your Full Potential