Connect Accessories to Renegade Cover

It’s high time to enhance your ride and the Renegade tonneau cover is the perfect solution. Whether you’ve got a work truck, adventure truck, or a combination of both, Renegade is ready to be your new best friend, your ride or die. It all starts with the Renegade Cover’s unique design, which doesn’t make you choose between a high quality truck bed cover and your favorite accessories.

Unlocking the Potential: Connecting Accessories to Your Renegade Cover

Connecting accessories to your Renegade Cover is simple, yet super secure. It all comes down to the brilliance of the L-Track. Your Renegade Cover features this built-in rail that enables you to secure cargo from every possible angle.

So whether you are moving odd-shaped furniture on top of your truck bed cover, a new fridge, or a kayak, it’s not going anywhere. The versatility is endless! With the Renegade L-Track (also known as a Logistic Track or Airline Track), every solution is a custom solution.

Renegade Accessories Installation: A Custom Approach

Renegade’s L-Track is designed to work with just about any accessory. While we are partial to the design of Renegade accessories, like Aero Bars and Renegade Racks, your custom build will fit right it. There’s no need to drill into your new cover, just bolt it right into the L-Track and you’re set.

Thanks to Renegade Covers you can tailor your truck to your needs — that includes the ones you know about now and the ways you will want to use your truck in the future! When you invest in a Renegade Cover, the options ahead of you are unlimited.

DIY Installation Guide for Renegade Cover Accessories

The Renegade Tribe typically utilizes two attachments in the L-Track, threaded stud attachments and heavy duty tie downs. They both drop right into the L-Track, creating a sturdy hold for whatever you want to secure onto your heavy-duty tri-fold cover.

With a simple turn, your threaded stud attachments aren’t going anywhere; likewise, heavy duty tie downs anchor into the L-Track with the help of an easy-to-use spring lever. These simple solutions are the answer to securing your cargo unlike any other truck bed cover. Thanks to Renegade, you can customize your ride in style and substance.

The Renegade Advantage: Installing Truck Bed Covers and Accessories

If you’re looking for insights into customizing your truck bed cover, look no further than Renegade. Our team lives and breathes because of our trucks, and we’d love to chat about it. We also have a variety of YouTube videos available, providing a visual guide to installation, in case that’s more your style.

The simple brilliance of the L-Track design means you can install your accessories securely, without making a long-term commitment. You also won’t need to invest in special tools or parts, or accessories unique to one brand. Whether you drive a Jeep Renegade, a Ford Truck, or a Chevy, RAM, or Toyota, the Renegade Cover is built with your vehicle in mind, ready to be customized for your everyday needs.

Optimizing Your Vehicle with Renegade: A Custom Approach

With your new heavy-duty Renegade Cover, you won’t need to worry about buying all new accessories for your tools and toys. Just try to hold your horses until your new tri-fold truck bed cover arrives. Installation will be a breeze with our step-by-step instructions.

Before you know it, you’ll have a truck bed cover like no other…made for the accessories you love. You’re welcome!


Aero Bars on a Truck

Renegade Details: Aero Bars

Every detail of the Renegade Cover has been selected and crafted in order to build the world’s best tonneau cover. One option with the Renegade tonneau cover is to add Aero Bars on a truck bed cover. These are the perfect foundation for all kinds of accessories.

Aero Bars Provide Military-Grade Support

Renegade’s tonneau cover is the perfect start to your adventure, but the Aero Bars definitely take it up a notch. These military grade aluminum racks can each bear 200 pounds, even though your bike or kayak weighs significantly less.

Truck Bed Cover Accessories

When installing your Aero Bars, they’ll bolt directly to the cover, so there’s no drilling required. This means if you need to remove them, you aren’t leaving holes behind that would look bad or let water in. After all, your Renegade Cover can handle up to 2,000 pounds, so you may want to transport something big or heavy on it like a flat bed. Alternatively, you can keep the cover closed and Aero Bars on, while stowing items underneath. Your cargo will be safe and secure.

One of the coolest things about the Aero Bars is that they are used as the supports for some of Cessna’s airplane wings. If you’re looking for serious support, it doesn’t get better than Renegade’s Aero Bars.

Mounting Your Bike on Your Truck Bed Cover

One of the most popular things that Aero Bars are used for on the Renegade Cover is supporting bike racks. There are so many options for transporting your bike — from tailgate covers to fork-mounted, side-clamp, tow-hitch, or rooftop racks. But each of these approaches have drawbacks, like having to take off the front wheel or leaving your bike to get jostled in the truck bed.

aero bars on truck

However, when you pair Aero Bars with your Renegade Cover, you will be able to add your favorite universal racks for transporting your bike, canoes, kayaks, skis, and so much more. These make it super easy to secure and unload your gear. That means you get more time on the mountain or in the water!

Join the Renegade Tribe Today

Whatever challenge you’re gearing up for, make sure you’re prepared for the journey with a Renegade Cover and Aero Bars on a truck. These military-grade upgrades will transform your truck and your life, no joke. Want to learn more about Renegade? Contact us today.

Bike on Tonneau Cover

Take Your Bike for a Ride…on a Tonneau Cover

Your bike isn’t a beater, it’s one of your prized possessions. The last thing that makes sense is throwing it into your truck bed. If you want to avoid scratches (as well as more serious issues), it’s time to invest in a proper bike mount for your tonneau cover.

Choosing the Right Bike Mount

The DIY approach to transporting your bike in your truck bed is utilizing tailgate covers. This might protect it from superficial scratches, but it lacks the stability your bike deserves. Don’t tempt your bike to bail and look for someone else to treat it right. 

Other options for mounting your bike on your tonneau cover include a fork-mounted, side-clamp, tow-hitch, or rooftop rack. But these approaches aren’t user-friendly. If you’re annoyed at the thought of taking your front wheel off, these types of bike mounts aren’t for you. But what other option is there?

Renegade Loves Cycling

Renegade’s tonneau cover is the perfect start to a dialed ride. When you add Aero Bars, you have a solid foundation for just about any accessory. Basic bike racks can be easily added or removed, so you’re ready to transport your bike and other big kid toys. 

bike on truck bed

This means opportunities for adventure are unlimited! Whatever toys and rooftop attachment you might have, the Aero Bars will be ready to get you from point A to point B. After all, they are milled from Military Grade Aluminum and can each hold 200 pounds — even though your bike may only weigh 20.

Renegade truck bed cover bike mount

Not only do the Aero Bars bolt directly to the cover (no drilling required), they will help you balance your biking habit with the rest of life’s demands. You can easily remove the Aero Bars to transport something huge and heavy on top of your Renegade Cover, since it can handle up to 2,000 pounds. Or, you can securely stow your tools or gear underneath your tonneau cover, while you’re on the trail, knowing it will all be there when you get back.

Bike on Tonneau Cover

Whatever challenge your bike faces on the trail, ensure it rests easy on Renegade’s Aero Bars on the way home.

You deserve to rest easy too, and that starts with more time outside and less time online. Order your Renegade Cover and Aero Bars and get back to doing what you love.

Roof Cargo Box on Truck

Raise the Roof…Box

Rooftop cargo carriers can be a great way to give you some extra capacity. You can choose between hard shell and soft, and between roof cargo baskets, bags, and boxes. But perhaps the most important consideration of all is making sure you have a secure base for your cargo carrier. We have the cover for you, that lets you attach a roof cargo box on a truck bed.

Roof Cargo Box on Truck

The first step is selecting a high quality tonneau cover that will coordinate easily with low-profile racks. Ensuring a simple installation is the first step. On the flip side, it also needs to be easy to remove; after all, there are those annoying trips to the dump or to pick up gravel, wood, or a new couch.

Renegade’s Aero Bars create a roof bar on your truck bed. This may be an option for you, if you have lot’s of accessories that are compatible with roof racks!

bike rack for tonneau cover

Most of all, you have to make sure your new truck bed cover and racks will handle your cargo well! When you have expensive gear or meaningful items loaded up, you don’t want to feel anything less than confident. But finding a low profile truck bed cover and racks that are highly durable is no easy feat.

roof cargo box on truck

Rather than spending your time comparing Renegade with lesser models, we’ll cut to the chase. Not only is it easy to mount most any kind of truck bed accessory to the L-Track system on Renegade’s Tonneau Cover, we also offer Renegade Racks.

Renegade Racks to the Rescue

Renegade’s versatile, high quality rack system is perfect for overlanding, construction, power sports, hunting, camping, rooftop cargo carriers, and more. We could brag on it all day, after all, it’s the most durable rack system in the industry, holding up to 1,600 pounds! 

But more to the point, this rack system is also super light, just 30-33lbs depending on the model. Plus, with multiple mounting points, our Renegade Racks make accessory combinations not only endless, but reliable.

Renegade Racks are the perfect compliment to a Renegade Cover, which is as heavy-duty as they come. Made with military-grade aluminum, using friction stir welding with no external welds. The sturdy construction ensures that the cover can withstand a tough climate and is resistant to mud, water, and dust.

overlanding racks

Able to carry up to 2,000 pounds on top, while protecting whatever you store below, The Renegade Cover is one of the most versatile covers on the market. With a smooth top, you can easily slide construction materials across it, or place large appliances on top. When it’s time to play, it will hold your ATV or snowmobile, or can coordinate with a variety of accessories, like ski racks or surf board mounts.

Rely on Renegade – for Roof Cargo Box Carrier

Don’t let your truck bed cover or racks hold you back. Be ready to work or play when you outfit your truck with Renegade. Throw your favorite roof cargo carrier on top and you’ll be on the road in no time.

With Renegade, you’ll find a load bearing tonneau cover and racks that won’t be beat. Join the Renegade revolution today; you won’t regret it. 

Roof Racks for Tonneau Cover

Ready for a set of roof racks for your tonneau cover that will take your adventures to the next level? Allow us to introduce Renegade’s Aero Bars. This roof rack accessory is the key to unlocking a multitude of activities, whatever the season. Which hobby has your heart this weekend? Whatever it is, the racks you’ll need to cart around your gear will fit just right on your new Aero Bars.

Buckle Up, Buttercup 

Before you can get excited about the next great thing, the first step is ensuring a solid, safe ride. This doesn’t just apply to you and other passengers, but the gear you’ll be using once you get there. 

Whether you are kayaking, biking, skiing, or fishing, keeping your expensive gear from falling out of your truck is crucial. If the roof racks on your tonneau cover aren’t securely attached, that could be another bummer. 

skis on truck bed cover

But when you invest in Renegade’s heavy-duty tonneau cover and Aero Bars, you’re well on your way to Type II Fun. 

Balancing Work and Play 

One of the benefits of your Renegade set-up is that it makes it easy to pivot between work and play. For example, the Aero Bars bolt directly to the Renegade Tonneau Cover, as opposed to requiring drilling. This creates an easy to remove accessory, when you need to utilize the top of your tonneau cover like a flatbed for sheets of plywood or other accessories.

bike rack for truck bed cover

Plus, you’ll be able to stow work tools, camping equipment, and remnants of honey-do projects under your tonneau cover, knowing it will all be safe and sound while you hit the road. 

Fortune Favors the Brave 

At the end of the day, you need strong accessories that simplify your life, not make it more complicated. That’s why we make Aero Bars out of Military Grade Aluminum, ensuring they can each hold as much as 200 pounds. 

These serve as a universal base for your roof rack accessories. Easily attach your bike rack, ski rack, or whatever other roof rack accessory you love best, and you’ll be on your way in no time. Aero Bars also pair nicely with snowboard racks, kayak racks, SUP racks, or even a cargo box.

bike rack for tonneau cover

Raise the Roof Racks for your Tonneau Cover

Once you add Aero Bars to your tonneau cover, you’ll never look back…not even to make sure your gear is still there. Want peace of mind that everything is “gucci”? Submit your order today! 


Tonneau Cover with Ski Racks

Whatever adventure you’re gearing up for, adding ski racks to your tonneau cover is going to add so much convenience. Besides, the more time you spend securing (and un-securing) your skis, the less time you’ll have on the slopes. 

tonneau cover with ski racks
Renegade Tonneau Cover with Ski Rack

Ski with Style

As you think about the right tonneau cover and ski racks for you, it has to be sleek. But, if it’s not simple to use and built to last, what’s the point? 

It’s important that your tonneau cover and ski racks are made of high quality materials and that they have a protective finish. Plus, it should all be simple to install, and easy to take on and off, since, unfortunately, there is such a thing as non-ski season.

Weight Bearing Truck Cover
Skis in …Moab?

If the way up to the ski hill is full of twists and turns (or drivers who can’t handle the snowy conditions), you know how important it is for your skis to be secure. If one comes off when you’re driving, it’s not like side-stepping up the hill a few feet to find it; it might be gone forever! Investing in the right set-up for transporting your skis is a simple way to avoid a ruined ski day. Plus, you can’t afford to miss that once-in-a-lifetime powder.

tonneau cover in utah
Ski Racks mounted on the Aero Bars with the L-Track

No More Moguls

Rather than mess around with subpar gear, let Renegade be a part of your snow day. 

Mounting most any kind of truck bed accessory to the L-Track system on Renegade’s Tonneau Cover is easy. But, to make things super simple for you, Renegade offers a versatile Aero Bar system that’s perfect to mount your skis onto, or just about anything else. 

Renegade Aero Bars aren’t just ready for your favorite ski accessory. They will serve you in many adventures to come. The truth is, we could brag on it all day; after all, it’s the most durable roof rack system in the industry, holding up to 400 pounds per pair. That’s 180 lbs more than Thule!

Let’s Hit the Slopes!

So secure your skis on top and your boots, helmets, and jackets in the truck bed. Under your tonneau cover, they’ll be safe from the weather and any onlookers who get jealous of your set-up. Pop your skis into the secure truck bed if you feel anyone will stare too hard at them. It’s time to enjoy the mountain; leave all the other details to Renegade.

Kayak Racks on Truck Cover

Ready to take on Class VI Rapids or just heading out for a day at the lake? In any case, your launch is a distant dream if you don’t have kayak racks on your truck cover. 

Don’t Capsize!

Sure, you could throw your kayak in the truck bed, or directly on top of your tonneau cover, but neither is a great solution. 

To begin with, you need to consider local restrictions on the permitted overhang and make sure to have warning flags hung on the end (there’s nothing like getting a ticket to ruin a good day). However, the biggest problem – both for the safety of your kayak and yourself – is having an unsecured load. At minimum, your kayak won’t appreciate being jostled around, but a traffic accident would be even worse. 

If you have a double cab, you might consider a roof rack system, but you’ll need to be aware of the roof weight limit and the complication of driving with that much added height. A utility rack is another option, a pretty intense one. 

kayak rack on bed cover
kayak racks on truck cover

With these options thrown out, all that’s left is a truck bed rack, and lucky for you, Renegade has just the one – and it’s ready for your kayak racks. 

Eskimo Rock and Roll

Kayak racks vary in design and capacity, but your basic choice is going to be between saddles, J-cradles, and stackers. But, as any pro knows, it’s way more complicated than that. 

There’s a host of other considerations, like: How much weight can your truck bed cover hold? Where are you going to store everything else you need (cooler, tackle box, lifejackets, camping gear, and more)? How many kayaks do you plan to transport? Most kayak mounts hold two kayaks, but if you want to carpool with a group, a stacker will be the way to go. 

kayak on truck cover

Before you get too excited about a specific kayak rack model, you’ll need to make sure it fits the type of kayak you have. Is it a sit-on-top or sit-in kayak? What type of hull does it have? Is it a recreational or touring kayak? Is there a place to secure your paddles, or do you need an extra accessory? 

Perfectly pair your kayak racks with the Renegade Aero Bars for the easiest combination with the Renegade Cover L-Track.

Cartwheels, Squirts, and Enders

Whatever you decide, it needs to be easy to install and user-friendly. Adding kayak racks to your truck bed cover isn’t meant to make things more complicated. The goal is more time on the water and less time dealing with straps, webbing, and clips!

Lucky for you, mounting most any kind of truck bed accessory to the L-Track system on Renegade’s Tonneau Cover is super simple. Or, you can add accessories like kayak racks onto Renegade’s high quality Aero Bars. The options are nearly limitless for securing your kayak or kayaks to the racks on your truck bed cover. 

But don’t forget, if you are adding kayak mounts to racks on your tonneau cover, that means you’re prioritizing your truck bed for storage. Whether we’re talking the adventure of a lifetime or every weekend, you need a lot more than yourself and a boat. And the last thing you want is for all that stuff to walk away while you’re grabbing pancakes on your way to the lake.

Make a Wet Exit

Knowing your kayaks are secure on your truck bed cover, and that your other gear is safe under your tonneau cover, you’re ready to hit the road. So get back to reading water, not reading reviews. Order your Renegade Cover today and start making real plans for a summer like no other. 

Surf Board Racks on Truck Bed Cover

You’ve checked the surf forecast on Magic Seaweed and see that there’s offshore winds with chest-height swells. Low tide is at 7:30 tomorrow morning and you gotta get out there. But do you have surf board racks on your truck bed cover?

Are they soft, simple, and secure? Don’t get cut off or dropped in on.  Be at the front of the lineup, with Renegade’s truck bed cover and your favorite surf board racks.  

Soft, so you can Smack the Lip

The truth is, surf boards are fragile. While you could always throw your surfboard in the back of your truck, you risk snapping a fin when you go over a bump. And you can definitely count on it getting knocked around, which means you’ll eventually get water-logged or spend time you could be surfing at the shop getting it repaired.

On the other hand, if you strap your surf board to just any roof rack, it might not be a better outcome. Imagine driving to the beach, just as the sun is coming up, and a big pothole surprises you, followed by a big crunch. You pull over to see what happened and, sure enough, your roof racks have dinged up your surf board to the point that you know you can’t go out. It’s a total bummer. 

Having the right surf board mounts means spending more time getting pitted, and less time in the pits. They need a little give and take, so it’s not hard on hard, tempting fate. 

surf board mount on truck
Surf Board Mounted on Bed Cover

Simple, as you Spray your Friends

It’s also important for your surf board racks to be easy to install and user-friendly. 

Mounting most any kind of truck bed accessory to the L-Track system on Renegade’s Tonneau Cover is super simple. Or, you can add accessories like surf board racks onto Renegade’s high quality Aero Bars.

Getting your board on and off will be a breeze, so you’ll hang 10 before your friends even get out there. 

Secure, in the Power Pocket 

The last thing you want to look for in surf board racks are racks that will hold your board securely in place. If it’s not, the whole thing could snap as it falls to the ground. 

Plus, if you want to stay on the water as long as possible, you’ll want to consider how to securely store your board when you it’s time to grab tacos or head into the office. With Renegade, you can chow down or power up with confidence, knowing your board is safe and secure under your truck’s tonneau cover.

Snag a Sneaker Wave

Whether you’ve got a longobard, thruster, fish, or funboard, it’s time to get barreled. Leave subpar racks to the Groms and Barneys; it’s time to upgrade your setup with Renegade. We’ll see you on the next party wave.

Bike Mount on Truck Bed Cover

Let’s face it. You’ve spent a pretty penny on your bike. The last thing that makes sense is throwing it into your truck bed. If you want to avoid scratches (as well as more serious issues), it’s time to invest in a proper bike mount for your truck bed cover.

Choosing the Right Bike Mount for Your Truck Bed

You could, of course, do a DIY approach, or throw on some tailgate covers — and that will work, in theory. But haven’t you learned by now that if things can go wrong, they will go wrong? Don’t tempt your bike; treat it right or it might just bail! 

This might lead you to the other extreme, like getting a fork-mounted, side-clamp, tow-hitch, or rooftop rack. However, taking the front wheel off is a pain, as is climbing all around your truck to get the bike on and off. When it comes to the tow-hitch and rooftop racks, you’re talking about extending your truck, either in length or height, which creates additional concerns. At the end of the day, these all feel clunky and like there has to be a better way. 

Ride into your Flow State

Renegade’s tonneau cover is the perfect start to a dialed ride. Just add some Aero Bars and whatever simple bike rack you already own. Transporting your bike on top of your truck bed cover has never been easier. This slick set-up isn’t just good-looking, it’s convenient too. 

Bike mount on tonneau cover
Bike Mount on Tonneau Cover
Bike rack on tonneau cover
Bike Mount on Tonneau Cover

Not only do the Aero Bars bolt directly to the cover, as opposed to requiring drilling, they will help you balance your biking habit with the rest of life’s demands. With Renegade’s tonneau cover, you can stow your work tools, gear, or remnants of honey-do projects, knowing they’ll be safe and sound while you clean the hardest trails. 

The World of Cycling

Whatever you put your bike through, it will rest easy on Renegade’s Aero Bars on the way home. Milled from Military Grade Aluminum, they can each hold 200 pounds, even though your bike may only weigh 20. 

Aero Bars will also work with a variety of other rooftop attachments, setting you up for countless adventures yet to come. But first things first, you need to spend more time on the mountain, and less time online. Order from Renegade, and whether your trails are gnarly or greasy, you and your bike will be ready to breakaway.

Tonneau Cover for Chevy Colorado

Renegade Covers has Chevy Colorado and GMC Canyon tonneau covers. With the most durable and customizable tonneau cover on the market.

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America’s Toughest Cover

Built for Adventure, Overlanding,
Construction, and Daily Use
People Love the Quality, Security, and Versatility

We’ve Got You Covered

Unleash Your Full Potential