Discount Code for Military and First Responders.

Hello Renegade Cover shopper. You are on the hunt for a coupon for your heavy-duty tonneau cover. Currently, Renegade offers a free accessory for all Military and First Responders only.

Renegade Cover Coupon

Who is it for?

  • A customer who has served or who is currently serving in the military.
  • A customer who has served or who is currently serving as a first responder.

What is the Discount?

The discount is in the form of a free Torsion Bar. What is a torsion bar? In short, it allows you to open the cover from just one side. This is Renegade’s most requested accessory for the cover. It allows the bedcover to open both slide latches from only one side of operation.

How to use the Coupon.

  1. Add the Renegade Cover to your checkout cart.
  2. Add the Torsion Bar accessory to your cart.
  3. Upon Checkout use code “Freedom”

Strongest Tonneau Cover

Here at Renegade Covers, we know the kind of person who owns a truck. They’re go getters, those who aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty, ready to help and there to go the extra mile. No part of your truck should be a compromise, and neither should your truck bed cover. The Renegade Cover is a heavy-duty tonneau cover built for people like you. Best of all, The Renegade Cover is the strongest tonneau cover in the world, with a load capacity of over 2,000 pounds.

Strongest Tonneau Cover

Tonneau covers can be a vital part of every truck, but for a variety of reasons. While some people are simply looking for a way to secure the gear in their truck bed, others are looking to maximize the load on their truck to get the most out of every inch of space. A heavy-duty truck cover will enable you to load up your bed and have plenty more space for a load on top of the cover. Renegade Covers can hold up to 2,000 pounds on top. That is literally a ton of stuff!

Truck Bed Cover with Accessories

Renegade Covers are the strongest truck bed cover, but they don’t stop there. With a wide range of accessories and add-ons, you can be ready for every occasion. The Renegade Cover has a unique L-Track system that allows for limitless possibilities of carrying your load. Because the Renegade Cover is so strong, it is the perfect tonneau cover for overlanding, moving equipment, or even hauling 4-wheelers.

Diamondback Cover Alternative

While you can find multiple heavy-duty tonneau covers online, the Renegade Cover is the best option for your needs. Built with military-grade aluminum, the heavy-duty Renegade Cover is the best tonneau cover on the market. Diamondback Covers claim to be the strongest tonneau cover available, but fall short of the Renegade Cover by 400 pounds. Renegade is the only brand who can back it’s claim to the strongest cover with a 2,000 pound guarantee.

The Renegade Cover is the perfect tonneau cover for your needs. Both strong and versatile, get your Renegade Cover today and become a member of the Renegade tribe.

Hard Tonneau Cover with Rack

Purchasing a truck bed cover can be daunting with so many different models, materials, and functionalities to choose from. However, with the right research and preparation, you can find the best cover that will meet your needs. Renegade Covers is the premier hard tonneau cover with rack accessories that will meet all of your needs.

Multi-Purpose Tonneau Cover

Tonneau covers can be used for different purposes, whether it be for payload security or improved functionality of the truck bed. The Renegade Cover is a hard tonneau cover with an easy lock system and multiple functionalities, including racks. The Aero Bars are great for bringing your skis, bike, or even surfboard on the next adventure! The unique L-track system makes it easy to customize the racks to your needs.

Surfboard Mounted on Bed Cover

The Renegade Rack System

While the Aero Bars are great for transporting boards and bikes, Renegade knows that different adventures require different tools. The Renegade Rack System is a unique and durable rack system designed to maximize the space on your truck bed. The Renegade Racks are ideal for overlanding, construction, power sports, and more, with a load capacity of 800 pounds per rack. Loaded with strength and flexibility, the Renegade Racks are perfect for every occasion.

Off Road Tacoma built with Renegade Bed Cover

Strongest Tonneau Cover

When deciding which tonneau cover is right for you, be sure to pick the right material. Many tonneau covers are plastic or fiberglass, good for lightweight coverage. However, these materials are not the most durable, a key feature for a hard truck cover with a rack. Made with military-grade aluminum, Renegade Covers have the best weight to strength ratio in its class. It is the strongest tonneau cover on the market, with a load capacity of 2,000 pounds!

Renegade Bed Covers are the highest-rated truck bed cover you can find on the market. With multiple rack options, you can be sure to find the perfect solution for you! Check out Renegade Covers and order yours today.

1 Year Review of the Renegade Tonneau Cover.

Hi, my name is John Clarke the owner of EZ Lynk. Here is my one-year review of the Renegade Cover. This tonneau cover is mounted to my 2019 f-150 Raptor. I also installed the Renegade Racks, a 23 Zero tent, and an awning.

Why I chose the Renegade Cover

The benefits of the Renegade cover are:

  • Hardtop: Because it is weight-bearing I can use the top as a platform.
  • Modularity: You can add and remove accessories without drilling into the cover.
  • Low Renegade Racks: Because they are low it keeps the wind noise to a minimum with less wind drag.
  • The durability and look: Compared to other hardtop covers and this stands above others.
  • L-Track: This allows me to put anchors to tie down cargo to the top of the cover.

Thank you for checking out my review of the Renegade Tonneau Cover. Be sure to watch the end of the video walk around my truck setup.

Rugged Truck Bed Cover

Trucks can withstand various road conditions thanks to their heavier body, strengthened suspension, and beefed-up wheels and tires. The perfect accompaniment to go with your truck is a rugged truck bed cover. Whether you are driving in rugged, muddy, or sandy tracks in remote areas, you can rely on the vehicle to get you through it. And you want to be sure the cover can get through it too.

That said, protecting your belongings with a truck cover is a must to avoid theft, damage, and accidents. To ensure you get the most out of your truck, here are some key features to look for in a cover.

Weather Protection

The best tonneau covers will shield your vehicle from the harshest weather elements. Whether it be rain, harsh UV rays, ice, or snow, waterproof truck bed covers are built to withstand the changing seasons year after year.

weather proof tonneau cover
Picture of a Rugged Renegade Tonneau cover. This truck bed cover is resistant to water, snow, dust, and mud.

Fog, dirt, dust, snow, hail, and ultraviolet radiation are few of the hazards that an unprotected truck face. Your truck, thankfully, does not have to go into combat unarmed. Truck bed covers will not only shield your investment from the harsh weather, but they will also give you peace of mind knowing that it is safe from the wrath of nature.


A rugged truck bed cover will provide plenty of truck bed security. You will need lockable tonneau covers that allow access to the full truck bed if you are hauling something valuable under the cover. When fully closed, truck covers conceal the truck bed, so people can’t see what you have inside. If you want full security to prevent unwanted access, you can opt for a hardcover that locks with the tailgate.

Ease of Use

Tonneau covers should be easy to open and close, so you can easily load and unload cargo. Heavy duty tonneau covers or hard folding truck bed covers are custom-made to suit your requirements. They will keep your cargo dry and secure throughout the journey. The Renegade Cover is a tri-fold tonneau cover and it can be easily and quickly removed without tools.

Rugged Truck Bed Cover Versatility

Your tonneau cover should be versatile to be usable for different applications. Ideally, a pick up truck tonneau cover can be used to cover and secure small cargo. You can use a weight bearing tonneau cover as a flat bed. Add heavy duty tie downs or racks anywhere along the L-track system of the Renegade. It can also fold up behind the cab, allowing you full access to the truck bed.

Cummins Longhorn Ram with Renegade Cover and Quick Release Tie Downs

Some covers are pre-assembled and ready to install in a matter of minutes. Other covers provide all of the required hardware for self-installation.

Better Gas Mileage

This advantage can be overlooked by many truck owners, including those who have mounted a cover. An empty truck bed causes air drag due to aerodynamics. The vehicle expends more fuel as it tries to conquer the resistance. You can reduce the drag with a tonneau cover, which can ultimately help you consume less fuel.

Get a Rugged Renegade Truck Bed Cover Today

Purchasing a pickup truck is perfect for those looking for a vehicle that can be used for both work and play. If you are still looking for a reliable truck bed cover, you can order one today from Renegade Covers and get a truck bed cover that will not let you down.

Are DiamondBack Tonneau Covers Worth it?

DiamondBack Tonneau Covers are perhaps the most widely recognized brand of heavy-duty tonneau cover on the market, and for good reason. But we are here to ask the question, are DiamondBack Tonneau Covers worth it? The DiamondBack Cover is versatile with weight-bearing capabilities, various constructions, and great accessories. Continue reading to discover why a DiamondBack is worth it and how a Renegade Tonneau Cover could be better suited for your needs.

Weight-Bearing Tonneau Cover

The DiamondBack HD Tonneau Cover is the only DiamondBack model that touts an impressive 1,600-pound load-bearing capacity, unlocking the space on top of your truck to all sorts of new possibilities. While the DiamondBack HD is certainly an industry leader for weight-bearing tonneau covers, it is not the standard. The Renegade Tonneau Cover hauls up to 2,000 pounds on top, creating even more potential for what your tonneau cover can do.

Versatile Design

While the DiamondBack HD is the only cover variation that DiamondBack makes with the 1,600 pound weight-bearing capacity, there are multiple options for covers with lower-weight bearing capabilities but with different functions. DiamondBack offers a cover for every occasion, such as a toolbox or multi-hinge design.

While you can’t access the entire bed with a DiamondBack, the Renegade Cover has a tri-fold design to fully utilize and access your truck’s bed space. Additionally, the Renegade Cover doesn’t require any tools to remove it, while the DiamondBack is more of a hassle to remove.

Tonneau Cover Accessories

Both the DiamondBack Tonneau Cover and the Renegade Tonneau Cover are great options with their wide array of accessories. DiamondBack offers various bins, racks, and mounting systems. Renegade also offers various accessories, but could be a better fit for your needs with its unique L-Track system. Surrounding the bed and crossing through the cover, the L-Track system makes securing items on top of the cover that much easier.

ATV Tonneau cover with L-Track Tiedowns

While DiamondBack accessories focus more on what’s under the cover, Renegade unleashes the full capability of your truck bed cover. Renegade offers a heavy-duty rack system to better utilize all the space your truck has to offer.

Renegade also stands out with its unique Riptide Water System, an adjustable roadside shower that will ensure Fido’s muddy paws never set foot in your cabin again. The L-track bolts make every accessory adapt to your needs and are ready for any adventure you throw its way.

Is DiamondBack Worth it?

You can’t go wrong with either a DiamondBack or Renegade Cover. Assess what is most important for you, and then make the purchase. Looking for a heavy-duty tonneau cover that has the highest weight-bearing capacity with a tri-fold design? The Renegade Cover is for you! Get yours here. If you prefer less versatility and customization, then a DiamondBack Cover might be worth it for you. Either way, you’re ready to put your truck to work.

Bakflip Alternative: The Renegade Cover

There are many popular tonneau covers on the market, and with so many options to choose from, it can be difficult to choose the correct heavy-duty tonneau cover for your vehicle. The Bakflip F1 Tonneau Cover is a consumer favorite, but does it hold up to other brands? Today, we’ll compare the Bakflip F1 with the alternative Renegade Heavy-Duty Tonneau Cover to determine which is the best for your needs. We will consider weight-bearing capacity, construction, functionality, and cost.

Weight-Bearing Tonneau Cover

When it comes to a weight bearing tonneau cover, these two beds aren’t even close. The Bakflip F1 Tonneau Cover can hold 400 pounds on top, while the Renegade Heavy-Duty Tonneau Cover can hold up to 2,000 pounds. Just as you wouldn’t trust a Subaru Baja with your cargo, don’t skimp on your tonneau cover. The Renegade cover is heavy duty, durable, and bears a load five times heavier than its competitor.

ATV on a Tonneau Cover
load bearing ATV tonneau cover.

Heavy-Duty Tonneau Cover

Both the Bakfip F1 and Renegade Cover are American made, boasting quality construction and materials. The F1 panels are made of fiberglass reinforced polymer, making it lightweight and heat resistant. In contrast, the Renegade Cover uses military grade aluminum to ensure strength and durability. Because of this, the Renegade cover is heavier, but makes up for it with it’s impressive load-bearing construction.

Functionality: Tonneau Cover Accessories

Both models are a tri-fold tonneau cover, folding with ease. You can drive with the Bakflip in the two-thirds or fully upright position, freeing up the cargo bed. The only accessories offered from Bakflip are two racks that go on top of the cover. The Renegade Cover must be driven fully down, but redeems itself with it’s versatile L-track system. You can use the L-tracks found on the cover to tie down your load securely. Additionally, Renegade offers various products such as the Renegade Racks or Rip Tide Water System, proving itself superior in versatility.

Renegade Racks with roof top tent

Affordable Tonneau Cover

Here lies another defining feature of the competitors. The Bakflip F1 Tonneau Cover ranges from $990 to $1,300, while the Renegade Cover comes in from $2,295 to $2,795. The Bakflip cover, designed for smaller loads with less versatility, takes the cake. When it comes to a functional, weight-bearing tonneau cover with multiple accessories, you get what you pay for.


In the end, both are quality products. The Renegade Cover beats the Bakflip Tonneau Cover in load-bearing capacity, construction, and tonneau cover accessory options, and the price reflects that.

Buy your Renegade Heavy-Duty Tonneau Cover today and become part of the Renegade Tribe!

Jeep Gladiator Tonneau Cover

Truck bed covers are ideal for protecting the open bed space on pickup trucks. Tonneau cover manufacturers make their product fit most truck makes and models universally. Every year, there are new models of trucks to accommodate. One of the more recent trucks that has been fully redesigned is the Jeep Gladiator. Some tonneau cover manufacturers may not have covers that fit this truck yet. The Renegade Cover fits and enhances the clean lines of the Jeep Gladiator.

Jeep Gladiator with Folding Renegade Tonneau Cover

Dust Resistant

Your belongings are safe and secure in your truck bed with a heavy duty tonneau cover. A weather-tight cover can prevent water, dust, mud, and snow from entering your truck bed in tough climates when you’re out mudding or on dirt trails. The Renegade Cover has a small P seal that runs the entirety of the cover, sealing out the natural elements. It also locks securely without the need for a separate key.

Customizable Bed Cover

A truck bed cover can be used to transport various load types such as kayaks, bikes, surfboards, building materials, etc. The Renegade Cover is designed to allow users to increase the storage capacity and load of their truck, making it perfect for more heavy-duty truck functions. 

If you are out on a camping adventure with the family, a tonneau cover on your Jeep Gladiator can come in handy. You can store your sleeping bags, clothes, pillows and camping gear under a truck bed cover. You can even install racks on the cover and build out an overland setup with a rooftop tent. Then you have tons of extra storage inside your truck bed.

Jeep Gladiator with the Renegade Tonneau Cover

Unlimited Versatility

Whether you are using the truck for construction, overlanding, hunting, camping, winter sports, biking, or power sports, the capabilities of a hard tonneau cover has endless uses. With the Renegade Tonneau Cover, the integrated L-Track lets you customize your truck setup. Accessories can include Aero bars and Racks that can be installed or removed in minutes with no drilling, offering the ultimate truck bed versatility.

When looking for a tonneau cover for your truck, you want to spend your money on something built to last. Durability and ease of use should be top considerations when purchasing a truck bed cover. The Renegade Cover is designed and built to last the life of your truck and beyond.

Get Your Jeep Gladiator Tonneau Cover

Adding a tonneau cover to your Jeep Gladiator will elevate the look of your truck and drastically increase the usability and versatility of your truck bed. However you plan to use your Gladiator, you can customize the Renegade Cover to do what you want.

Order your Renegade Cover today and get the best cover for ultra customization and versatility that can go anywhere your Jeep can go.

Waterproof Truck Bed Cover

Choosing the right waterproof truck bed cover can depend on your needs, the planned use of your truck, important features, and your budget. You can check out tonneau cover reviews to help you decide which cover will meet your requirements. You will find many truck covers in the market today.

For example, the Renegade heavy duty tonneau cover is built to resist harsh weather like rain, dirt, and snow. That said, there is no hard truck bed cover that is perfectly waterproof or impervious to water. A good tonneau cover will prevent almost all water from entering your truck bed.

To give the best possibility of weather protection, here are some of the most important areas to consider additional waterproofing in your truck bed.

Truck TailGate Gap

weather proof tonneau cover
Picture of a Renegade Tonneau cover. This truck bed cover is resistant to water, snow, dust, and mud.

You might have noticed that there is a vertical gap between the bed and the tailgate. If you work with trucks and have towed sand, you may have tried to shovel the load out of the truck. You may have experienced getting sand, or loose gravel stuck in the tailgate gap. Dust from a dirt or gravel road can also easily enter the gap.

There is a simple solution to this problem. You can purchase a window seal at your local hardware store or shop for one online. Seal out dust and dirt by installing the seal on the inside of the truck bed where the tailgate meets the bed.

Front Bulkhead of the Truck

The front bulkhead of a truck (the area that meets up with the cab) may not be completely level with the sides of the truck bed. This feature is common in most truck vehicles. It may not be obvious, but there is a very small gap that does not get covered. This very tiny opening can allow water to enter and sneak into your truck bed.

Truck Bed Rails

Your truck may have long metal bars on the top of the truck bed walls. These are your truck bed rails. Typically truck bed rails are used as tie-down points for different items being transported within your truck bed.

Although truck bed rails are very useful and practical, some bed rails are not constructed to be flat and cannot be secured by a waterproof seal. Without the right truck bed cover, water can enter the bed.

Get a Water-Resistant Truck Bed Cover Today

A pick up truck tonneau cover is a great asset to any truck. A heavy duty tonneau cover would stop a downpour from damaging the load you are carrying. Not all truck tonneau covers are created equal, so taking your time to find the best one will certainly pay off.

Order your Renegade Cover today to get a high-quality tonneau cover that protects your cargo from whatever the weather tries to throw at it.

The Best Tonneau Cover for the Ford F-150 Truck.

The F-150 is the best-selling vehicle in America. You are looking for the best tonneau cover for your 2015-2021 Ford f-150. In General pickup trucks are perhaps one of the most functional vehicles you can invest in, which makes it no surprise that new models are constantly being introduced. While you may have plenty of options in the market today, the Ford F-150 undoubtedly remains a top choice for many. Whether you need a vehicle to pick up groceries or make some trips amid the bad weather, this truck will be perfect to bring with you.

Hard Tri Folding Cover for the F-150
Heavy Duty Truck Bed Cover that is weight bearing. For 2015-2021 Ford F-150

As with any other trucks, having a Tonneau cover for your F-150 is a must to keep your belongings secure. Just as much as you thought about what truck model to get back then, it is equally important to put the same emphasis on finding the best tonneau covers. Not sure what to get or where to start your search? Here are some of the most important features to look for in an F-150 Truck bed cover to ensure you get the most out of it.

Shop the Best Tonneau Cover for your F-150

The Best Tonneau Cover for the F-150 is the Renegade Cover. The heavy-duty Renegade Cover can hold up to 2,000 lbs. and is built with quality materials for security and durability. If you are still looking for a Tonneau cover for your F-150, you can order one today to make sure your belongings remain in good condition. Putting a reliable cover on your truck can make your trips smooth and stress-free. The Renegade Tonneau cover fits 2015-2021 F-150. It fits Long Bed and short bed lengths

The Most Durable Truck Bed Cover

Durability is a must in any truck bed cover since you want it to last as long as possible. Try to find a heavy-duty tonneau cover made with high-quality materials to ensure you get the most out of your investment. Nothing can be more frustrating than getting a cover and installing it to your truck, only for it to become unusable after just a few weeks.

Extremely Water Resistant

Another top quality to look for would be water resistance, which will come in extremely handy when the weather gets bad. Waterproof may sound extremely appealing, but it is important to know that truck tonneau covers can never be fully waterproof since it is virtually impossible to avoid all the harsh weather elements. Thus, you can instead look for a cover that can offer the best water resistance to ensure your things stay secure even in less favorable driving conditions.

Water Proof Truck Bed Cover

The Security that is Second to None

One of the main benefits of truck covers is the security they offer for your possessions. While driving, you naturally want to make sure nothing gets damaged or destroyed without you realizing it. Similarly, if the weather is not particularly cooperative, you want to make sure your cargo load will stay intact and not get affected by the harsh elements while in transport. This cover offers keyless entry. Simply lock your tailgate and your valuables are safe.

Easy No Drilling Installation

This feature might not be as intuitive when deciding on a cover, but it can be inconvenient if you do not think of installation before your purchase. You might spend all your time looking for the most secure tonneau cover, only to find that it is near impossible to fit it into your truck. Aside from easy installation, you must also ensure that the cover does not make it hard for you to access your belongings.

Ready to get a Renegade Cover for your F-150? Order your Renegade Cover.

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