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Fifth Wheel Compatible Tonneau Cover  

With a fifth wheel, home is wherever you stop for the night. Once you’ve packed up everything you need, the world is your oyster! But sometimes, the road calling your name is a bit too much for your trusty trailer. So it’s important your truck is ready for the challenge. This is where your Renegade fifth wheel compatible tonneau cover comes in.

Fifth Wheel Compatible Tonneau Cover

After all, your truck bed doesn’t have to be completely dedicated to your fifth wheel hitch. With a fifth-wheel-friendly tonneau cover, you’ll reclaim some serious square footage. This means the ability to transport whatever you buy at the Costco in town back up to your campsite — either on top of the cover if it’s big, or under it if it can’t be vulnerable to the elements. With a Renegade Cover, your options are unlimited. 

tonneau cover for chevrolet silverado
5th Wheel towing
Fifth Wheel Compatible Truck Bed Cover
5th Wheel towing

It also includes being able to transport an ATV, kayaks, mountain bikes, and so much more on top of your new tonneau cover. With Renegade, the weight or odd shape isn’t an issue. 

Stand up paddleboard on truck cover

It doesn’t just hold up to 2,000lbs, the Renegade Cover has a smooth top that provides just the right amount of traction to hold things steady, while still being able to slide something on top (read: no latches are getting in the way). And with the integrated L-Track, you can secure your load from any and every angle. 

Explore America in a Fifth Wheel Like Never Before 

A fifth wheel set-up can make you feel like you’ve lost the flexibility you had with your truck, but with Renegade you get it all back — and more.

Renegade’s Trifold Tonneau Cover allows for plenty of clearance over your fifth-wheel hitch, protecting it from the impact of rain, snow, and mud. Plus, it’s a keyless, locking tonneau cover, that’s secure as soon as you close your tailgate. With 8 locking pins, no one is getting in while you’re away. 

An Aluminum trifold truck bed cover
Lockable Aluminum truck cover. A heavy duty design that can haul ontop up to 2,000 lbs

On the other hand, when it’s time to open up your truck bed, Renegade’s signature fold-up leash holds the cover steady. This means you can drive with it open without a concern in the world. Since it doesn’t block your rear window, you’ll be able to keep a close eye on your rig.

Towing a Fifth Wheel Trailer with your Compatible Truck 

Whether fifth-wheeling is a way of life, or an occasional hobby, a Fifth Wheel Compatible Tonneau Cover is what you’ve been missing. Whether you have one of the top five trucks for towing a fifth wheel, or one that didn’t make the list, you can be sure your Renegade Cover will fit seamlessly on top during your order process.

If you don’t see your make and model on our site, reach out to us and we’ll let you know what’s possible. But we’re warning you, once you go Renegade, you’ll never go back. Order the Fifth Wheel’s Favorite Tonneau Cover today. 

DiamondBack Cover Comparison

Regret Buying a DiamondBack Cover?

If you’ve already bought a DiamondBack Cover, we’re sorry. Mistakes have been made. It’s not that it’s a bad cover, it’s just that there’s a better one out there. Ready for the DiamondBack cover comparison?

What do DiamondBack and Renegade Covers have in Common? 

When you’re shopping for a new truck bed cover, it can be an overwhelming experience. Obviously everyone thinks their own cover is best, but let’s face it, someone is lying to themselves. Surely there is one that rises above the rest. 

Rather than comparing all the covers out there, we’ve decided to take a simple approach and compare just DiamondBack and Renegade: two American-made, heavy-duty, high weight-bearing truck bed covers. 

ATV on a Tonneau Covers in utah
load bearing ATV tonneau cover.

The basic facts are as follows. Renegade can bear 2,000 pounds, while DiamondBack can only hold 1,600lbs. The former is made of military-grade aluminum, and the latter is made from a strong yet mysterious aluminum alloy. Both covers are weather-tight, so there’s no worries there. Both covers also work with a variety of accessories, including racks, bars, headache racks, and more. 

How are DiamondBack and Renegade Covers Different?

This brings us to functionality, which is where the two covers set themselves apart. To begin with, DiamondBack Covers feature permanent tie-down cleats, which are reminiscent of tying a boat to a dock. Renegade Covers, on the other hand, have the unique L-track system which allows for limitless tie-down points thanks to quick-release anchors (which are much more secure).

tie down for L-track

Plus, DiamondBack’s rugged deadbolt locks across the surface of the cover may look cool, but it limits your ability to evenly place or slide items on top (like you can on a Renegade). That’s also one more key for you to misplace, which is annoying when compared to Renegade’s keyless design. 

DiamondBack Cover

What’s more, the Renegade Cover is a tri-fold cover that can even be open when driving (without blocking your rearview). This means you can tow a 5th Wheel without removing your Renegade Cover, open just the tailgate in a storm, and so much more. DiamondBack’s trunk-style design doesn’t just limit its functionality, it exposes whatever you’re stowing underneath to the elements. 

Which is better: DiamondBack Cover or Renegade Cover?

This is just a start of the DiamondBack cover comparison and differences between these two truck bed covers. But at the end of the day, all we want is for you to be thrilled with your new truck bed cover. If that’s going to be DiamondBack, then that’s great! But we made the Renegade Cover because we weren’t satisfied with any of the other options on the market, and you shouldn’t be either.

If you want to compare other covers on the market, check out our other blog posts.

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