Month: August 2021

Canada Shipping

Does Renegade Cover ship to Canada?

The short answer is not yet. We are working on finding a broker to help us overcome the challenge of customs. We are working diligently to figure out how we can get our covers in Canada. If you would like to be updated when this has changed please email with a note “Request for Canada shipping updates” or Simply comment below and our team will reach out as soon as we can ship your cover to you.

Renegade Covers Shipping to Canada

Renegade Cover Review A Contractors Look

A General Contractors review of the Renegade Bed Cover. 

Discount Code for Military and First Responders

Hello Renegade Cover shopper. You are on the hunt for a discount code for your heavy-duty tonneau cover. Currently, Renegade offers a free accessory for all Military and First Responders only.

Renegade Cover Coupon

Who is it for?

  • A customer who has served or who is currently serving in the military.
  • A customer who has served or who is currently serving as a first responder.

What is the Discount?

The discount is in the form of a free Torsion Bar. What is a torsion bar? In short, it allows you to open the cover from just one side. This is Renegade’s most requested accessory for the cover. It allows the bed cover to open both slide latches from only one side of operation.

How to use this Discount Code.

  1. Add the Renegade Cover to your checkout cart.
  2. Add the Torsion Bar accessory to your cart.
  3. Upon Checkout use code “Freedom”

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